Indian visa requirements



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    Try this number: Indian High Commission, London, United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 7836 8484
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    Many thanks David but that is the number that I have been trying and no one answers! Does anyone have an email address or alternative number?
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    Hi There,

    I am a Kenyan passport holder, been in the UK since 2008, so over two years now. I am travelling to india for two weeks holiday. I went to submit my form today, however was told to provide with utility bills, which I explained I have none since I live with family. I was advised to provide with bank statements for the last 3 YEARS! OMG, last 3 years, are they serious! I shred mine and also gone green now, that means I don't receive statements, everything is online. I can try and obtain this information from my bank, however will the front page that shows my address, account details, opening and closed balances be fine. Printing 3 years individual transactions is quite impossible.

    Kindly advise.
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    I would appreciate what formalities I would need to go through in order for me to be able to live and work in India. Do the countries both UK and India have any ceiling on minimum wages?
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    I am a Uk national looking to emigrate to India, looking for possibly call center work as i have previous experience...any information on how to go about this would be i go on a tourist visa,then go through the motions of applying for work and updating my visa when i get there? or are there any agencies in the uk that specialise in this sort of thing? ie looking for work,e,t,c,

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    i am an indian and i am staying in Mauritius i came here for visitors visa ,now i want to go to uk as i have already completed my Masters from there now can i apply for uk work visa from here in that i don't need to go back india to apply for uk visa...
    thanks and Regards
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    Hello all I am an Indian citizen, wish to work in Canada or Singapore.I have Indian passport. But I don't have much money to spend for hire professional recruitment agent. please contact me if you have any idea how I can live and work in Canada

    +91 9332053306

    email -
  • Hi, I am a Canadian citizen with a criminal record, my last charge was 9 years ago, and I also have one from 35 years ago, and 37 years ago, all assault charges, but never spent time in jail, , one I received a suspended sentence, one a conditional discharge, and the other one, probation, and I have friends in India I would love to visit, my question is, will I get denied a visa ,to visit India, I have a passport ,  Thank you for your time
  • The Indian visa application form DOES NOT require disclosure of criminal records.

    Good luck
  • Hi - we are Australian citizens and are cruising from Fremantle to Southampton in March - we will be stopping for approx 8hrs in Colombo & 10 hrs in Mumbai. What are the visa requirements for both countries? Is it possible to get transit visas? TIA
  • You definitely need a visa for India
    Sri lanka will grant a tourist visa upon arrival
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