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Transport through the Transkei

edited September 2013 in - South Africa
Hi all,
I'm really keen to explore the Wild Coast of South Africa on an upcoming trip, but I've heard that its really difficult to get around? Is it impossible to hire a car and self-drive? Are there bus routes? All advice welcome!


  • Hi Mike,
    I would recommend exploring the Wild Coast to any adventurous traveller as the area is SO beautiful and interesting (great for outdoorsy types, surfers, backpackers and hikers), but I'm afraid the infrastructure is generally awful. The roads are often in a terrible condition as soon as you leave the main highways - which you will have to do to reach the really special coastal areas - with giant potholes. Most foreign backpackers choose to use a great tour bus service called the Baz Bus which allows you to hop on and off at various backpackers and attractions. This is a good option if that's the sort of thing you want but if you are a reasonably confident and experienced driver I would actually still recommend self-driving. Just make sure you hire a capable car with good suspension, get a good map, and drive slowly and carefully. That way you'll have freedom and independence and I think you'll enjoy the adventure more if its on your own steam.
  • Incidentally, if you are looking for a fantastic off-the-beaten track destination in the Transkei that's not on the coast, there is a truly special little backpackers called The Falls near Maclear which provides some great outdoor adventure activities in spectacular landscapes. It is rustic and you certainly won't find any luxury but the young couple that run the place are wonderful. Travellers often overlook the beautiful mountainous interior of the Transkei and head to the more popular and well-known coastline, which is a pity. Its best to combine the two if possible. 
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