Dual British/Australian passport travel query

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Hello there

I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I'm an actor living in London, and I may have got a job shooting a little Commercial in Spain next week.

But when I checked my British passport I noticed it expires in a few days time. (What a fool I am to let this happen!) Fortunately my Australian passport (which I have never used) is valid until 2017. Will this be fine to allow me to travel to and from Spain next week?

I had a look on the Spanish Embassy and it seems that an Aussie passport is fine for travel to Spain - if travelling as a tourist. If you plan to work in Spain then a Visa is required. Now I *will* be working while there but only for 3 days, and it wouldn't actually be Spanish employment as the shoot is for a French company.

Also, sneakily speaking, how would they know I was working?

If anyone can help on this issue I'd really appreciate it as I am stressing a little!




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