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Dual British/Australian passport travel query

edited September 2013 in Visa and Passport

Hello there

I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I'm an actor living in London, and I may have got a job shooting a little Commercial in Spain next week.

But when I checked my British passport I noticed it expires in a few days time. (What a fool I am to let this happen!) Fortunately my Australian passport (which I have never used) is valid until 2017. Will this be fine to allow me to travel to and from Spain next week?

I had a look on the Spanish Embassy and it seems that an Aussie passport is fine for travel to Spain - if travelling as a tourist. If you plan to work in Spain then a Visa is required. Now I *will* be working while there but only for 3 days, and it wouldn't actually be Spanish employment as the shoot is for a French company.

Also, sneakily speaking, how would they know I was working?

If anyone can help on this issue I'd really appreciate it as I am stressing a little!




  • Jamieboo why not use the fast track service to replace your British passport on the same day

  • Hi Alethia

    Thanks for the response.

    Yep, I've obviously looked into that. But that service is unsurprisingly quite a bit more expensive. That's my back up plan, but if I can make this trip easily on my Aussie passport then of course I'll go for the option that incurs the least expense.

    Thanks though.

    Any thoughts on the Aussie passport question?


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