Safe travel for woman in Ghana?



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    i plan to visit Ghana in January 2012,i am so worried about the ritual killings i even had night mares two times,how do i protect myself,can i report by the South African embassy that i have arrived and they must check me out? i really must go but how do i manage to stay happy when i cannot trust the place?
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    I am a white South African woman and I met a black Ghanaian man on an online dating site seven months ago. At first he tried to scam me under a different profile that being a USA soldier in Iraq. After three months I played him first and got to know his real identity. For the past four months we have been on Skype each night and phoning one another. I have fallen in love with this man and he proclaims same. I want to fly to Ghana in March to meet him but still, I'm wary of being played as I know all about the Phase Two of scamming and I'm concerned for my safety. I need to meet him to know the truth and to get closure on this relationship. Is it safe for me to take this risk and meet this man?
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    @ Iris, don't do it. If he lied the first time he will the second time. Your safety is at risk.
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    Iris, I have to agree with Nina. Travelling to Ghana to meet a man you know tried to scam you is a terrible idea. The best thing you can do is cut off all contact with him and move on.
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    @ Iris, please listen to me and I know this is hard. I also (almost) fell for a scammer (Gambian) born Nigerian aahhhh.. Luckily my ex (whom I had a baby with) was Nigerian and he already had his 'Green Card' when we met, I left him due to him being a major player (YUK) while I was pregnant grrr... It's fine, the issue is this, if I didn't ask him about this Gambian/Nigerian guy that I had met online, then I wouldn't have known the seriousness of what I had gotten myself into. Do you know that any scammer is a cold hearted criminal, ooh yes I know that he seems 'SO REAL' right??? yes 'I' know'.. And I know that you already know its very risky, but you just want to take the 'chance' the 1% chance that he could actually be genuine right?? I know again how you feel but when my ex warned me that I will be stepping one foot into my own grave by going to see if he could possibly be REAL, then I really opened my eyes, you see I too saw red flags, not one but a few and I still wondered, hmm could he be sincere about his reasons why... NO.. Do you know that you are being hypnotized by possible voodoo for your mind to allow you to think this way, see you 'do' know better but the other part of your mind (which these scammers work VERY well on) is taking over your own intelligence and THAT is how they 'get us'.. Here is one very likely possibility of what he can do.. You go there with your return ticket to see if he's REAL, they abduct you, use you to scam for them there, while you can't escape and they send one of their wife's back to your country with a fake passport (YOURS) to live there and send home all the riches she can find while using your identity... Is this not enough to scare you?? Well this may be a worse case scenario, but I wouldn't risk my good life for it, would you?? I think you yourself know the other possibilities eg. being used for a green card, or getting married there so when you come home you feel obliged to send him money as his 'WIFE', after he made you feel sooo loved when you were there, hmmm.. Please let me tell you that I know how good he makes you feel and if it were real, how sweet would that really be huh?..BUT what we come to lose sight of is that we really can live without that, we just get trapped into thinking that we can't, get me? I really do hope this helps you Iris.. If you still can't stop (and I do understand) pls consider therapy asap, my thoughts are with you, remember I do understand.
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    Common sense is perhaps the most important safety tool - it is important to take precautions whether male or female when traveling. There are different ways to travel in every place to visit and some are safer than others. Gut instinct is usually a useful indicator - if you feel uncomfortable where you are then get out. Travel is about experiencing new things but it is not worth putting yourself in danger to get those experiences.
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    I just want to asked one question why you hesitate to visit Ghana?
    Ghana is safe place for all, you can visit any place of Ghana....i also visit last month at that place,that's why i recommended this...
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    Is Malabo a safe place for a Indian women to work please help....
  • I hope the moderators for this board see the messages from userbans_l565 and removes this posters messages but if not please be warned...


    Do not send an email to the address in the posting....likely this is a scammer or an accomplice to the scammers who will just be looking to scam you again...usually this is referred to as a "recovery scam" don't fall for it. 

    Look for the email address mentioned in userbans message in this website which supports my claim. See John's response to this posters comments.

    Hopefully once you realize you have been scammed you stop communicating with the scammer and all parties associated with him/her. Your money cannot be recovered and you will never really find out who the person is behind the scam.

    Learn and move on. If you are looking for online dating sites for relationships try to stick to your own area and make plans to meet in a public place. If the person is unable to meet and makes excuses to be going overseas especially to Africa or in particular Ghana you know you are communicating with a scammer. Stop all communication and move on.

  • Once again, really good advice from Hopingforanswers.
  • Ghana is a very friendly country, ideal for first time travellers to Africa.Thousands of women travel alone in Africa each year, personal safety is probably the number one concern you have. 
    Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa these aren't always the most comfortable to visit. I have experience traveling alone in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda and found them all to be very stress free.
    You should tell our Embassy or Consulate about your trip. And do not worry about Cape Coast buses reliability and safety.

  • Wish yah Safe Traviling.
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