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Need Help

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i am pakistani passport holder currently i am in pakistan i want to visit to turkey but after visiting there i want to stay long and working but how i dont know . means want to work visa at visit.


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    You will find it very difficult to find work in Turkey. The Turkish authorities take a very dim view of foreigners who try  take jobs from Turkish people. Foreigners usually work as language teachers or representatives for tour/ holiday companies. Sometimes as journalists or on intra company transfers. 

    Non Turk are forbidden from taking jobs in medicine and dentistry.  Foreigners cannot work in a bar, restaurant or a shop. If you are found working illegally you will be fined and deported

    Employers are responsible for applying for the work permit and often fail to do so. 
  • thnx

    any other European country to visit and work
  • i have alot of experience in computer field
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    Baharali you will find it very difficult to obtain a visit visa let alone work in a European country.

    The employment/immigration rules in EU countries require companies to recruit from the EU member states before hiring someone from a non EU country.

    You would also need a very good command of the language of the country you want to work in,
  • how can i get student + work visa for turkey
  • Baharali to study in Turkey you must be fluent in Turkish, even if you attend an English speaking university.

     Perhaps I did not make it clear , unless an employer wants you for a job which a Turkish national cannot do you will not be granted a work permit.
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