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when cruising, are visas required for ports of call

edited October 2013 in Visa and Passport
I am Canadian, and wondering if visas are needed for 'ports of call' from a cruise boat?  I will be visiting many countries, including Brazil.  Any and all information would be gratefully received.


  • Namster,  Canadians can travel to 170 countries visa free or a visa granted on arrival. However, when travelling to  Brazil you will need to apply for a visa before you travel, Suggest you contact the Embassy of Brazil,
    I would also check with the travel company hat visas you need.

  • many thanks Alethia - had a feeling Brazil would want a visa. The cruise company I booked with is in London and not so helpful for non British citizens!
  • Hello...i´m canadian and currently in brazil at the moment, if i take a cruise ( only calling in brazilian ports ) will that count as leaving the country ?...will i have to clear through customs when embarking and disembarking ( meaning that this would require another entry stamp in to my passport ) ?...i asked the cops down here but they did not know, although i cant blame them as this is not really their expertise...thanks in advance for any comments...regards, Swilly
  • Swilly as a Canadian you will need a visa to enter any port in Brazil. Yes you will need to clear customs each time you embark and disembark. This is perfectly normal. 
  • As a South African do I need a visa to enter a port in Cyprus for a few hours by cruise ship? Thanks for comments
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