Mozambique border blues



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    Hi guys,

    I entered Moz through Maputo airport in Jan 2010, got a visa at the airport without any hassle what so ever.
    I then went to SA and re-entered at the Komatiiport border. Paid 170 ZAR for visa, took less than 30 minutes.
    (I hold a Norwegian passport). Smile, be nice and friendly, it never hurts!
    I managed to overstay my visa by one day and had to pay a small fine of approx 200 zar, but it wasn't any real problem.

    Can't guarantee that the above still holds but I haven't heard any different stories since then.
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    Hi Guys

    I am currently residing in South Africa and my friend resently went to Mozambique on business. He left on Wednesday the 26th Oct 2011 with the plan of coming back on Friday.He entered Mozambique with no issues but the problem started Friday at the border when he needs to comeback to SA.Apparently they found problems with his papers and he could not understand as he never had any problems when entering. How come these issues were not picked up the very first day when he entered that country?As we speek he got a fine of R50000 and 30days in prison.This is so not cool,that place is think that I was even planning to go to Mount Kilimanjaro this festive, no thanks.Why take a vacation to a country that will give you hassels at the end of the day?
  • Mozambique has recently launched a campaign against false documents in Mozambique - do you think this may be one?image
    Visit for destination advice
  • To the guest two posts above:

    Keep in mind that Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, not Mozambique!
  • Personally, I will never go to Mozam ever again.So many South Africans keep going there only to get completely ripped off and/or threatened. Why the hell would i want to go and spend my hard earned money in a country that treats me like dirt! I feel sorry for the hard working locals, because at the end of the day they are the ones that will suffer. They can keep their country and do not come cry to me when you are all starving to death. Oh, and I hope they enjoy my bakkie that was stolen last night and tracked crossing the border into Mozambique.

  • WendyR:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience... I've been to Mozambique several times and have only wonderful memories!
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