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Re-entry requirements, deported from Korea



  • audrine  ,u can only comeback to korea after five years ,but if u married to korean or resident in korea u re entry now,and there is another way u can change ur name or part of ur name or just letter and get new passport  then u can enter free, or look for someone else passport that looks like u ,and travel but three years ban iheard about but not sur ,ucan try enter after three years if the ticket not expansive
  • Hahaha you know you cant do that change name and get new passport unless you are married to a Korean but if ur not married and tend to Change name and get new passport you cant re-enter because they have. Biometrical checking. But thanks anyway
  • hello,i was in korea 2011,i work only 4 months there my contract is 2 years ,i run away my employer i stay for 1 month of my friend appartment,then i have my passport and ellien card  my ellien card is not yet expired the time that i home here in philippines,,,,last month i try to apply work in korea again but when my papers and our vedio send to the KMRB,they said i cant go back cause i run away,,,my employer can blacklist me,?even if i go home and my allien card is still ok the time im home?
  • can i still have a chance to go back korea even im blacklist there?
  • epay ,sorry but korean law is with korean  people more than foreigners , so u have to find another way to come to korea,
  • Hi moroh can you answer the question brude38 asked please cause I have the same dilemma.Cheers!
  • mr spa22ow  ,who give  this criminal background certificate is ministry of justice so you have  to send message to their site web  or visit them

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    Please Good people. I was deported from korea last August but i was already engaged to my girl friend of 3yrs before this happen. We have planed our wedding on jenuary 2014 paid some deposite at the hall studios etc. Anyways my girl has visited me and we have gotten married in my country after that we visited korean embassy but they said we most wait for 1yr. I need to be wit my wife. Is there any way to make it shorter . Thanks Good people 1luv
  • hi moroh,thanks for the answer,,,anyway whats the other way to go back korea?
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    Hi moroh i was deported last sept this year how can i go back to Korea this year? i need to go back to be with my husband and work again for our kids. Thank you
  • How to contact 1345 im here in the philippines right now
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    I am holding an E7 visa and residing in South Korea for almost 7 years.
    I'm planning to apply for residence visa this 2014 since I'm already qualified.
    My concern starts here when I got married recently to someone 
    whom overstayed her visa. I strongly want to fix her visa that why I convinced to get married here instead in our own country. I know that I can sponsor a dependent visa but I am not sure if still applicable to someone who overstaying? I am planning to go back for vacation and she will do voluntary exit this early December. Is it possible for her to returned back with me(since she will not work and i will apply for her dependent visa soon). We are willing to pay for the fines so that she can go back. Also she was not caught, she will do volunteer surrender. My other dilemma is when i apply for her CCVI(she already had a new passport using my surname since were married), she will be detected that she is overstaying and be a conflict to her voluntary exit on Dec. Does anyone can give me a good advice? 
  • @lea514
    you can contact the immigration service by using the country code
    +82 1345
  • You can contact the immigration office of the country and try to get hold of your visa
  • I have e-6 visa in Korea what can be happened if I over stay without any visa extension ? I got my visa in Phil . As e6 last September 19 and expire on December 19 I ddnt get job as I scape and decide to stay with my boyfriend is there anyone who can give me idea if I stay over a year?
  • I have e-6 visa in Korea what can be happened if I over stay without any visa extension ? I got my visa in Phil . As e6 last September 19 and expire on December 19 I ddnt get job as I scape and decide to stay with my boyfriend is there anyone who can give me idea if I stay over a year?
  • What can be possible happen if I stay in Korea for year without any visa ?
  • alexciara  ,there is nothing can happend if u want stay in korea illegally as u fellow some rules  , don't go out  day in city or subway, only in weekend ,try to look for job in factory  and hide ur self in time of imigration  crackdown  ,
  • Hi, Im Filipina who overstay in Korea for almost 3 years i voluntarily exit last February 2013. I have korean boyfriend and he want me to invite so i can visit him in Korea. The immigration puts 68-(1) on my passport. My question is do i still have a chance to going back in Korea?
  • eirama13  ,what immigration say to u  about years of ban to re_entry to korea  ,what i know that for  you need to  stay 2 years at least  before go back ,  did they take ur fingerprint  manualy or in scan 
  • hi moroh, i didn't ask the immigration about the years of ban. yes i took picture and fingerprint scanning
  • @moroh like i told you before i was Deported in Korea last Oct.2010 for overstaying my visa.Last month i decided to apply again as an Entertainer in Korea.So i did my Audition i passed and did my VTR too and last week my Manager told me that KMRB approved my VTR. So now they are going process it,you think i have the chance to go back in Korea,i mean its been 3yrs.? Thank you
  • sorry i dont know how KMRB  works and if they have relation with korea immigration , but you can give question to  
     its government immigration  center 
  • @moroh thanks for the info
  • Greetings!

    Last year, we got our 59days visa for korea and was expired las october. I sponsored my mom but unfortunately she overstayed since october till now. If she will avail voluntary exit, what will be the probationary action?  Will it affect my records/application if I renew my tour visa? Please extend your assistance, I'm planning to go back this year. Thank you.
  • You were kicked out of Korea? Was it North Korea or South Korea? Another important aspect may be how long ago you were given the boot. If it was North Korea, and it occurred before the death of the all so popular dictator, you may stand a chance of re-entering now. Overall it is hard to answer without more details about your situation. Which country were you deported from? When were you deported? Why were you deported? If you were deported for illegal reasons and illegal activity, the chances are probably good that you are not welcome back into the country.
  • Hi Jason
    I'm due to start work in South Korea in the oil and gas, last year I deported from Canada due to my criminal record, I do realise Canada n Australia are stricked I'm regards to who they let in, most of my convictions were well over 10 years ago, 5 conviction all together, will this effect me working over there?
  • all pinay that just overstay in korea for 10 days ...based on my experience it happened to me..i runaway before yr 2010 and i live together wth my fiance visa was expired december 29 2010,but for some reason i overstayed fr ten days..jsnuary 8 2011 wen i go back to the airport i need to give my alien card at the immigration wen i was at the ofis with my fiance..they took my alien crd then i signed a paper.....well i found out i have 68-1 ..then after i give birth i decided to go back to korea...i recieved my visa sept 2012 ..and i arrived in korea dec i enter korea without any question at the airport..just dont forget to pray guys thts wat i did when im on the airplane specially wen im on the incheon airport.....thank you ...goodnyt
  • sweetangel great to hear about ur entry to korea ,but ithink because you only overstayed ten days that u have new visa but idont understand about stamp 68¨¨1 ,can u tell us more what they told u in airport  before go to philipines
  • I have a question i overstayed in korea but i want to leave i already have my ticket... So what you think whats gonna happen at the airport?
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    maybe fine

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    Here i want to share that the statement, carried in the North's official Korean Central News
    Agency, said the war veteran allegedly attempted to meet with any
    surviving soldiers he had trained during the Korean War to fight North
    Korea, and that he admitted to killing civilians and brought an e-book
    criticizing North Korea and more....
  • some people dont know diffeerance between north and south korea 
  • hello i stayed in korea for almost 3 yrs. my contract is just for 2 yrs then i left my job 6 months before i ended my contract with my employers permission and my boss in the job i used to work in. then lived in with my boyfriend for almost a yr. that was way back 2009. i surrendered from.the immigration signed some Paperworks but i couldn't remember if they took my fingers prints and if my passort had been stamp with 68-1 its been yrs now and i wants to go back to korea. will i and how will i go about doing that? please help me out. will be much appreciated
  • after 5years ,it mean this year after ur month of deportation,u can apply visa in embassy,
  • please i was deported from s korea  cause overstaying  and work without visa, i want to go back ,now its  five years passed,
    is somone is returned after deportation,please 
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    Hi I went to Korea in Nov of 2005 and overstayed there i went home in 2007. I just went to the immigration office in incheon and sign some papers and they stamped my passport that says exited dated aug 2007. My question is will i be able to return in Korea again? I'm here in USA right now but i still have a Philippine Passport i want to know if i wont be A to A when i go there? My wife is American and we might go there this year coz of her job. please i need an Answer so that i wont waste money for plane tickets and stuffs. Thank you
  • hi

     My name is jester.. i was deported in south korea 4 years ago. and i
    have a record there for over staying. i want to go back there to work
    legally. My problem now is i used my cousins name before because i was
    so young,i was only 17 years old when i went there, and now that im 24
    years old, i want to go back there to work legally., is it possible? i
    was thinking that they might see my past record through my finger prints
    and picture., any one can help me please, u can sent me an email at
    [email protected] thanks., you will be a blessing for me is you
    reply on this post,. thank you guys :D
  • Please help me,

    I visited Korea around march this
    Year and i loved i so much. Anyways
  • @moroh I just wanted to be sure. I just read your message. Is it really? Will they let me go back to korea after my deportation? 5 yrs of staying here in the Philippines now. Do I need to pay something there?
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