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    Hi Brian:
    I am about to retire and want to move to either Ireland or Scotland. Do you knw the requirements for immigration there from the US?
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    im russian studying in uk (tier 4 visa)
    do i need to apply for irish visa if i want to go to dublin as a tourist?
    thanks a lot
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    flying from the usa to ireland will just a passport do? or will we need visa???
  • If I have irland visa can I visit any other European country ?
    My visa valid for 2years and I'd like to make a tour for some around Europe
  • If I have a visa problem with UK, can I still travel to Dublin?
  • Deejay: It's rather hard to say without knowing what the problem is, and what passport you're using.
  • Hi im pakistani student in uk
    Iv got uk visa,as my wife is british
    Can i travell with her to dublin
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    As you reside lawfully in the UK with a UK visa you can travel to Ireland as it is part of the Common Travel Area.
  • i am pakistani and i am on student visa in dublin.how can i visit iparis from here
  • Hello, I'm coming to Dublin on September on student visa. My college is in Ringsend road, hence I'm looking for any sort of accommodation. I'm 21 and a female, please let me know if you can suggest or recommend any flats, shared rooms, dorms etc
  • Hi,

    My husband is a Thai citizen but has living here with me for the last 4 years and has indefinite leave to remain. We are thinking of visiting Dublin and traveling around for a week or so and making our way down to Kilkenny, will he need to get a visa?

  • Your husband will need a visa as Thai citizens are not part of the Irish visa waiver programme.
  • Hi i am going to travel to ireland on a student vira for a year to study sound do i need a return ticket upon my arrival????
  • No you do not need a return airticket.
  • i am an indian passport holder and currently in London with my husband on uk travel visa(for 6 months) and my husband is also having indian passport with uk skill transfer visa for 6 months. i want to travel to dublin from london. i checked he websites but getting confused whether i need a irish visa o travel to dublin or not. please suggest. only as a tourist we want to travel to dublin for 4-5 days.
  • Hi Nabanita - I suggest you start a new discussion - you might get more response
    Visit wordtravels.com for destination advice
  • I am a Nigerian living in Italy with a long term permit to stay and work in the European union countries,I want to travel to dublin with my two kids,my kids have italian passports,do I need a visa?
    please it's urgent.
  • Toskybasky, as you are not Italian and hold a Nigerian passport you must apply for a visa to travel to Ireland. As Ireland is not a Schengen state you will need to apply for an Irish visa.
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