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I have been talking to a lady in ghana for the last 6 weeks who I have grown very fond of she told me she was born in the uk, but have since found out from her that she was in fact born in ghana she tells me she is at university in ghana studying to be an accountant, apparently her uncle who also lives their is paying for her studies, she is not working at an internet cafe because I have seen her on web cam in her one bedroom accommodation she wants to come to the uk when her studies are over in about a months time, we are in talks at the moment regarding her visa which I am told will cost about £80 to arrange 


  • Sorry to have to give you some bad news here Chalbury even if it appears like she is in a bedroom on cam she is still more than likely an internet cafe and you are talking to a man not a woman. They have software that is as fake as the pics they send to you.

    Hope you have not sent any money and if you haven't don't be fooled to sending money for the visa, passport or anything else. Including they will try to ask you for what is known as a BTA or PTA (Personal or Basic Travel Allowance) which is not real. If anything tell them you will pay for fees to reimburse them when they arrive safely in person to you. Immigration if they suggust that it can be obtained in a matter of weeks you should know it takes years. Any phone numbers or persons they give you to phone or contact do not do it. They are only giving you someone that is an accomplice working in the same internet cafe.

    Next stage is they will send you a "fake" KLM itinerary which will appear as though they have paid for a flight ticket. This can be generated on any computer through the KLM website but it is in fact fake. If there is no SEAT # AND TICKET # it is the first indication that it is fake. It will cancel out of the KLM system on its own in a matter of days. I can give the phone # for KLM which will confirm that for you.

    After this if you continue to believe that she is who she says she is and is arriving on the date and time specified on the ticket you will go to the airport and no one with her description will be getting off that plane. You will get a phone call, Email or some other communication that "she" has been in an accident and is now needing your financial help before she can receive treatment. And somehow YOU are the only only one that can help her.

    I doubt I am wrong and take this as some free advice you would normally have to pay for with such places as Just Answer Fraud Examiners would charge for this information. My advice and info I have provided to you is from real experience.  You are being set up for a romance scam.

    If you have questions just ask and I or others on here can help you with this.

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    Chalbury put on your running shoes and make a sharp exit ! UK student fees cost a LOT more than £80 they cost thousands of pounds. I agree with EVERYTHING hoping for answers has said

    £80 for a UK visit visa then the aifare for a flight she will never get on. Then it will be wanting to study in the UK. That could be a nice money spinner for Miss Ghana.

    Firstly she must find a college or university in the UK to accept her and she will need to take a language test which can cost over £100 pounds.

    Secondly foreign students have to pay hefty study fees far more than a British student starting at £9000 per year and rising. Then they have to have money for accommodation. For student accommodation in the London area the UK Border Agency require £1000 per month for the first 9 months and £800 outside London for 9 months.

    Oh and if she really gets her hooks in wedding bells could be ringing for you and your gal, that's a the jackpot !

    You are well and truly being groomed by a romance scammer 
  • Dear Chalbury37 I am a Ghanaian man. Please stay away from this girl. There is a man behind her. The scamming is usually done by people in cahoot. Better still even the girls are the worse scammers in my country. lazy bastards. sorry for my words. Also sometimes the scammer will get a girl to woo the victim is he is man. They will enjoy your money together if you send it to them.
  • Hi ablaajo,

    What part of Ghana are you from?

    I've spent the last 45 days or so communicating with a women who scammed me from Accra, Ghana.

    The following is a brief summary....

    Hi people,
    I was on on around March 15th 2014 and msg by a lady proclaiming to be looking for someone to love her and be man of her dreams.
    Says she was from Brooklyn NY lives with her auntie. Says she was 32 and sent me couple photos. She was cute and I asked why she was interested in me. She said her last bf cheated with her best friend and someone told her older man know what they want and don't play games. We were talking every day for like a week and I was in love I guess. We had so much in common. I have a good job I guess and she was going to school to be an registered nurse. Told me her parents were dead and she now was going to see her mom's family she never met that lived in Ghana. Her dad was from the Philippine's. She said her auntie was treating her bad and she would finish her schooling in Ghana. She proclaimed her love for me and promised she would make me the happiest man alive. Right there I should have realized she was lying!
    She said her name was Fatima Laminu. I sent her a phone to communicate with me, she had a sim card. Then she wanted upkeep money cause it was very expensive to live over there. Did the whole western union thing. After giving for her documents to come back and then the family knocking fee and ring I was getting excited cause she was getting ready for her finals to graduate. She finally sent me a naked pic to show how committed she was to me. I asked for photo's school id and passport and picture of family. Granny, uncle, auntie and cousin. Then it fell apart when uncle requested at family meeting for traditional marriage fee which is customary to culture.... $11,500!!!!!! Now she has already gotten few thousand from me (yes I am stupid)!I had been frantically searching scam sites for her picture hoping and praying not to find but wishing I would to end this torture. I told her uncle only had 7k and he came down to 10,500 and said nice things about me, he was convincing.
    Then I told Fatima I needed a hug but would settle for a selfie of her out and about that day. The pics she sent she said her friend Vivian took in street and home on couch. She looked younger and was NOT wearing ring she bought with money I sent her. I hit the roof! We fought she sent pic with ring on but something was not right. I told her I take the ring thing very serious. Then I wanted to webcam she said ok. I called her on the webcam as it wasn't her... we fought again. I knew I had
    seen this video girl somewhere. I search scam sites again and found it!!!!
    Then I found something I wish I had discovered a lot of dollars ago.... Google Image Search!!!!
    Low and behold the pics she sent me were of a Latino porn star named AJ Estrada!!!!!!
    I bagged her on this and she said she could explain!!! Most people would walk away but I need answers. Who is this person??? I've been still talking to her last week and half and have her real name (only God Knows for sure). We skyped once. Says her name is Kadiatou Sesay and she is black. I've been stringing her along to get a video chat with her again but she is holding out. I told her I will not send anymore money until we Skype again. She always has an excuse for everything.
    Don't know how much more I can scam her as we had another fight tonight. LOL
    Anyways I have no intentions of sending another penny!!!
    Her uncle also gave me an account number at Ecobank with name of Rapid Dreams Ventures. I don't intend on sending Uncle any money. He shold have taken the 7k before her and I got in a fight and I discovered her scam!!!!!
    So watch out people for pretty pics and use Google Image Search from the beginning. I know all people aren't bad and there are good people even in Ghana. But just like here in the States there are bad people out there. Wish I found out before it cost me a good chunk of change!!!!!

    This I posted a few days ago on one of these links.

    She did a real number on me financially( not so much) but definitely emotionally.

    I have seen this person, Kadiatou Fatima Sesay if that's her real name on Skype and she is real. That I do know. Communication is slow now cause I won't send her any more money.

    How can I find out more info on these people. I have a bank account number and I can get a gps location through open communication links still active. I want to shut these people down and expose more of the scams for more of my dating comrades here in the USA.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks- Mike ( yes I'm a real person)

    My personal email is
  • Hello Mike,

    I am live and work in Accra. I think I can help you on this. Tell the uncle you are sending some money and then alert the Ghana Police who will be under cover with the bank to arrest anyone who comes to withdraw the money. Find below the phone numbers of the Ghana Police Service. Best of Luck

    Police Headquarters Accra.  +233-302-773900/+233-302-662441/+233-302-773900/+233-302-666506

    Interpol Unit Comm. Office     +233-302-777606/+233-302-228744




  • Mike better still just follow the below link and contact the Police in the Area where the Scammer lives.
    Best regards.

  • And finally Mike. I will explain to you customary marriage in Ghana. In Ghana when you are going to marry a woman you pay a dowry to the Father or Guardian known as the bride price. Which is usually not very expensive because they don't want to appear like selling off their daughter so its usually around GH500-GH1500 which is like between $160 to $500. You then give a small token to you brother in law in Akan its called "Akonta Sekan" usally like GH100 which is like$30/35 Then you buy some basics for the girl. namely a brief case containing a number of traditional pieces of clothes usually 6pieces. Now this is for Akans in Ghana. But the idea is usually practiced among all tribes in Ghana. Beware my brother.
  • ablaajo,

    Thanks for the info. I got scammed for way more than that. Lesson learned!

    I've stopped communicating with her but have come across a couple more in the past week on That site is infested like the apt I lived in that had cockroaches when I was a kid! Lol

    I am now obsessed with exposing these scammers by reporting them to the site as soon as I discover they are scammers. I'm trying to find a scammer site I can post their info on that won't cost me anything. All the ones I have visited want membership fees and then they direct my to a porn/ dating site. It's like a vicious loop with no escape. Any suggestions on a link that wont require paying to report?


  • Sorry I can't help you out on that. But I had this app on my android, Badoo. Maybe you can try that one out.

  • Badoo is a dating focused social networking service, how is that supposed to help ? What an idiotic suggestion !!

    Big Mike if you are in the USA this government site may be of help to you
  • Thank you ablaajo.

    Thank you Alethia, I will check this site out.

    I am really starting to think the site is funded by scammers networks from around the world. The place is infested with fake profiles.
  • Mike I'm also a Ghanaian and I understand what you've been through. But I'm urging you NOT to try to report the case to ANYBODY in Ghana as they would also end up taking some amount of money from you. I think the best thing for you to do now is to stay away from such people or even report them to the sites you see them on since you can easily identify them now. Beware there are still many out there.
  • Met her on Skype in 2009, and communicated for months until i knew wé are compatible for marriage. Disclose my intention to her of visiting me in thé stage and she agréer and wé décider to fond à travel agency. she lead me to Mr.Obeng à travel consultant WHO gold me to acquire visa and flighy ticket to thé UK will cost $6,000.00 which i paid.It happened that she did not arrived on thé schedule date and i received a call from Police that she has been arrested for carrying unlicenced gold and fine for $8,000.00 or go jail. I sensed scam and contacted thé UK Embassy who link me to contact thé Ghana crime unit and my case is yielding to à favorable condition. Goggle thé scammer Esther Amoako and goggle thé Ghana crime unit to report scam.
  • Tell me what was her,name I am talking to a girl from Ghana right now but she have not ask for money,she in school to become a Nurse a RN but her gramme does not match,RED FLAG,she say she was born in Miami Florida,that her dad past on,and she went back home with her mom in Tomale, but this week she had study's in Acca, but these was not adding up.We web can each other her pictures match it her 100%But the gut tell me something not right,
  • Hello Challbury, bigmike and anyone else.

    I have been communicating with a young lady in Accra Ghana for about 2 months now and she seems to have a lot of the same characteristics as I am reading here. She has just graduated nursing school and is currently living with her mother (so she says). Her mother is a native of Ghana and is the typical black African. Her father supposedly died when she was 5 and he was from Canada. I told her that must be the reson she is so exoctically beautiful. She is 5''7" tall and very slender with long black hair. She really is a beautiful girl and she may have stolen my heart but she will not get anything else out of me. I have video chatted with her in several occasions, and she is truly beautiful. She is very busty and keeps in good shape. She told me her birthday was 2/3/15 and I sent her a few amall birthday gifts. She told me she was in a bad relationship and left it 4 years ago to start taking her college classes for nursing.

    I did a Google facial search on her and it turns out she is a very well known porn star as of 2012. She supposedly even was in Penthouse magazine at one time. I called her on this and she stopped everything she was doing including sending her mother home from running errands with her, to explain why she was on that porn site. She said her last boyfriend was very jealous that she left and decided to create this porn site to try to shame her into coming back to him. Well I told her that there are a lot of evil men out there and that I could understand the situation where he was using some home made videos to build this site. well upon further research I found out her "Real Name" is Janessa Brazil and is a well known porn star. she has even appeared in Penthouse magazine from what I am finding. The Ironic thing is she supposedly lives in Tampa FL, and I live just outside Tampa and she appears to be running other websites called and right here in Tampa.

    I really like ablaajo's comment about calling the Accra police and having them arrest whoever comes to pick up some money. Maybe if enough of us get together on this we can put a small dent in these scammers action. If others are interested in seeing if it is the same girl I would be willing to post a picture. I have a feeling that some of you may recognize her. Let me know what you think about that.



  • please can i get any of her pictures?
  • I am very upset about the fact that my brother has been talking to a scammer in Ghana and although I've sent him all the proof I can about her, he still believes everything she tells him. The photos are of a girl who used to be a porn star (maybe she still is) that has switched to being a full time scammer. Of course we all know that it could be a man pretending to be a woman using these pics of the Porn Star!! I have found several alias that she uses. I've talked to some men that she has been trying to scam and they were very appreciative that I tipped them off, but my brother is wrapped! She tells my brother she is in love with him and wants to be with he makes her feel like no one else has...and so on. I have to admit, she is very good with her words but she doesn't fool me! (She is trying to scam him into sending money for a plane ticket.)I've seen too much proof and I am getting ready to turn her in to authorities. Aside from the fact that what these people do is wrong, it's the only way I can get her to leave my brother alone! I will be glad to send any info or pics to anyone who wants to compare them to anyone who may be trying to scam you or someone you know.
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