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Spain - Schengen Visa Requirements

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I am wanting to go to Spain for a 7 day holiday in July this year and I'm wondering whether it is true that one has to produce bank statements showing a positive balance. My current account - joint account with my partner - is in overdraft. I do not currently have any separate accounts in my own name since coming to the UK - but can of course open a savings account and transfer money from another account - which is in my partner's name only - but in which I have deposited money. If I did this - it would show I have a positive balance - but only 1 -2 months worth until the date of intended travel.
Please can someone URGENTLY advise what the case is - and whether it will mean that I can just never go to Spain for a short holiday.
Thank you


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    I am not sure what nationality you are, and if you are obliged to have a visa or not for entering Spain.
    But, I have never heard of any requirements for produsing bank statements in connection with holidays to Spain.

    Please see below link for more info on requirements:


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    Hi there... I am a South African - resident in the UK on an ancestry visa and I would require the schengen visa.
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    The visa application practice changes from embassy to embassy, but it is pretty common to require bank statements from applicants to provide evidence of their financial stability. Any supporting documentation you may have can help you. Even if you can get bank statements for only 2 months, I would have them at hand in case the officer at the interview asks for them, but I would not volunteer to provide anything they do not ask for. Here is a good site about the application process for visa . I hope it helps.
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