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visa for paris while in the uk.

edited October 2013 in - France
Hi my friend is in the uk and wants to go to paris for a day but doesn't have a visa can she apply for one in London?


  • To apply for a Schengen Visa to enter France your friend must apply here
  • Even if she has a 6 months uk visa just to visit?
  • A six month visa for the UK DOES NOT allow a a foreign national to enter another Europe country. The UK is not part of the Schengen visa group therefore to enter another country your friend must apply for a visa for the country she wishes to visit. 
  • Thank you. So she will be able to apply for the visa while in London she doesn't have to come back to south africa first. I guess she will have to do the application in person.
  • If you read the link I provided to the French visa section it clearly states:

    You must be resident in the UK - i.e people must apply in their usual country of residence therefore holders of ’C-Visit’ visas or of a British visa valid for 6 months or less cannot apply from the French Consulate in the UK; 
  • hi all, Can i apply for visa to visit France while i have discretionary leave to remain in the UK ? please
    I am Iraq originally
  • Yes you can apply for a Schengen visa, you have discretionary leave to remain and are therefore considered to be resident in the UK. You can travel on a discretionary leave to remain visa
  • i am pakistani student in dublin on 3year course.can i visit of paris from here

  • i have friend in edinburgh and he likes that i visit there in thier house ,what i need  for process to go there pls help me what im doing that i can visit my friend josefa...from phillippines...

  • ali99t, you can make an application for a Schengen visa from Ireland as that is where you are studying.

    josefa, Scotland is not in the Schengen area and therefore you need to apply for a United Kingdom general tourist visa.
  • Hello, I am a Rhodes Scholar and will be commencing my graduate studies at Oxford from October this year. I will obviously be on a student visa in the UK; whilst there I intend to travel in my christmas vacations, with a friend, from around the 20th of December, preferably in the schengen zone....

    1. What countries would you recommend for first time schengen travelers, especially those that can offer good deals for students? (i was thinking of Paris/France since it is the most convenient to travel to)

    2. As an indian national on a student visa in the UK, how do I go about applying for a schengen visa? Should I apply from India or from the UK? 

    3. Hypothetically, if I was to pick France as my first port of disembarkation in the schengen zone how do I apply for the schengen visa? What documents do I need?
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