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PASSPORT VaLidity!! help!

edited October 2013 in Visa and Passport
hi everyone,
john and i just turned 20 and i live in london united kingdom me and my gf is going to thailand this 12 of november, i am a filipino citizen and my gf is british,
unfortunately i am the problem here.
my passport expires on tbe 31 of march, so ive only got 5 months validity? i have been tried to get help form thai embassy, phil embassy here in uk and brit embassy,
unfortunately i can extend my validate because my case is not urgent for them at phil embassy here in uk, if i try and renew it, it will take me 12 weeks to get it back so there's not much of a point is there,
but now that ive tried whetever i can do in this country, nothing can be done at all,
so i book a appoint on dfa back in the philippines, and i am gonna fly there' just to sort out my passport, but what scaring me is i dont know if they will let me fly going back to my country to renew my passport in the philippines since it will only take 5 days for renewal of my passport, i was gonna book a flight going back to the phily tomorrow, but i ask the ticket guy seller if they will let me fly, unfortunately he said to me i need 6 months validity to go back in my own country, althoughi have 2 country for stop overs, so as he said, i am responsble for whatever gonna if i still bool and pay for my ticket, i really dnt have enough time, my gf is upset and giving up, but im still trying whatever i can do,
so tell me please, will i be able to go back in my own country so i can renewn my passport there and go back again in england????
but how am i gonna do that? will they let me travel?

please help me here


  • You do not need 6 months validity on a passport to enter your own country. Do you really believe that border agents in the Philippines or any country for that matter would turn away their own citizens because they had less than 6 months validity on their passport.

    Go to another agent or buy a ticket on line.
  • Hi John, Alethia is right - I have checked just to be sure and although foreign nationals entering the Philippines require six months validity, Philippine nationals only require a valid passport. You should be absolutely fine to get back into your own country.
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