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visa from ghana to germany

edited November 2013 in Africa
hi i'm luke from Germany, i invited my girlfriend in Ghana to Munich next year, her name is Sarah, i paid already 380 € fr documents, Insurance, medical check etc.. this monday i paid 600 € to an agency in Accra fr her Visa & airticket, she said everything is under process! agency is called Ronnie Travel & Tours situated in Greather Accra 23321 33 th Kawokudi Street represented by mr; Ronald Mark Manu tel + 233208622091 (Always voice mail & no website) can somebody tell me if this travel agnecy exists ?? thanks in advance / greetings Luke


  • Luke have you actually met your "girlfriend" ? it sounds to me as if you have been the victim of a scam ( fraud)

    380 Euros is a lot of money for a Schengen visa which usually costs approx 50 Euros you do not need a medical for a visit visa and travel insurance is around 20 Euros. as for 600 Euros for visa and flight are more like US$600 than 600 Euro

    I Googled Ronnie travel and came up with this This "website holding" page is displayed when you visit because the owner has registered the domain name (or set up a sub-domain), but has not yet created a website.

    Sorry to say you will never see your girlfriend or your money .

  • hi alethia thnks fr the answer, but it doesn't chear me up. I know Sarah since may last year may, i'm chatting with her nearly every 2 days a week, & has been on Skype many times, according to the agency i checked also that there is no website, & i phoned them on the n° many times, i got also an email address which is a gmail = ronnietravelstour add I even received a mail from them, to proove that they are busy on the process fr the visa (if you want i can mail it to you) is there realy not a way to find this agency & contact them, or i'm a victim of fraude ok thnks if you have some other comments or solution let me know, this not my best day indeed / Greetings : Luke


  • Luke. it is not my intention to upset you but I think you know in your heart your money and the girl are gone. I have no words to console you as I know you must be so upset.

    In the UK we have Action Fraud  where we can report such matters, do you have an online crime agency in Germany if so report this fraud immediately.

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