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Windsurfing on Rhodes Island, Greece

I am planning a trip to rhodes island, greece. my main objective for this trip is windsurfing. i would really appreciate if somebody could give me an honest opinion about the best part of Rhodes island for windsurfing. So far i've read that Ixia is the best spot but thats according to the windsurfing shops which offer rentals and lessons. If you have been there already and tried windsurfing, please give me a short discribtion of what you experienced. thand you very much!


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    Dear Sdonatas,
    I am afraid I am not the expert on windsurfing. From friens of mine, I 've been told that Ixia is the best place....But that would not come from my own experience...

    All the best for your Rhodes holidays.
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    I was in Rhodes last year and we visited Kremasti and there were a lot of people kite surfing and a few windsurfing as well. There were a few hire shops from what I remember. Its not far from Ixia, but a bit less touristy. It might be worth looking at that area as well. I visited all the parts of the island and didn't see any wind based watersports down the south side of the island so I'm guessing the best weather for it is in the northern resorts.
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