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Alicante: travel with children

I am thinking of taking my wife and daughter (12 months) to Alicante, Spain. Does anyone have any comments on whether it is a suitable place for a young child?



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    Alicane is a busy place! The beaches are full of families. You didn't mention your budget, which makes a lot of difference on the environment around you, too. Hotel Bahia Gravina, 16, 03002 Alicante is a good,moderate priced hotel, ocean front. It runs around 530E for a triple in July. look at This is a trusted site for hotel bookings. I use them many times. Crissy
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    For tommyu999

    Oh, I forgot to say that the 530Euros was for 5 nights, a triple room, with breakfast, all taxes and fees included. Crissy
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    Better than Alicante is the beach of Playa de San Juan, out of the city, very long, large and sandy beach (but also CROUDY, as all Spanish beaches, I should say). There are a lot of restaurants by the sea. You find shops, supermarkets, the maket, with frsh fish and fresh meat, fruits of course.From the airport to Playa de San Juan I think there is a public bus BUT I'm not sure. You find taxis. Pay attention: San Juan is another village in the inside, not on the beach: another place. From Playa de San Juan, the city of Alicante is reachable with a bus, if you don't want to get a taxi. If you chose Playa de San Juan you can try Hotel Castilla. Its position is very good to reach the beach with a little kid. For the price look in internet. I was there only in the cafeteria because for almost 20 years I went to Playa de san Juan on holidays, but I had my own appartment. Have a nice trip! A very nice village is Altea, farer from Alicante. But there is a little train from the city of Alicante to reach there Tren- Lim
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    I also found this great web site with suggestions for activities with children in Alicante

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