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Weather and best time to visit India



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    Hi, I organise work and travel program in the state of Rajasthan , India. Tiger Safari, Taj Mahal visit , Cooking Class, Music Class, Jaipur fort visits, and work with blind and poor children are the part of our program. write me for more information [email protected]
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    Is it best time to take Golden Triangle tour in Dec during christmas vacation?
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    This time you can see and feel beautiful India not so much winter and not tough summer time. November to Jan is best time to visit in India :)
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    I am going to India in mid May to mid June, to do a placement in a hospital in Delhi and then Chennai, but plan to stay on and travel with a friend. We are both students and it will be our first time in India. Can anyone tell me where the best places to visit/stay at that time of year are? All advice welcome. Thanks!
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    Hi I am planning to visit The Golen Triangle on 10th Sept for a week and then down to kerila for a further week. I suppose the question is this a good time to go?
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    Best time to visit india is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala.
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    Someone said it's better to be there during Aug - Nov since it is not so populated because it is not yet a tourists season.
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    I had my first trip to southern Kerala in India in September 2011, the weather was fine, just the odd heavy shower, loved it so much that I'm coming back to do the Golden Triangle tour in Ocober.
    Might be back in April, May or June 2013 - any recommendations in where to go or see at that time of year please?
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    I am planning on doing a trip to India next year and i want to get all your advice on when to go when I'm in the north and south!

    I am planning on doing just over a month in the North- so which are the best months to go at?

    And then i plan on going to the South afterwards for some sunbathing time- so which would you say are the best months to head their for?

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    Hello Friend,

    You all have same queries like when visit to India and which places to visit. So I would like to say that there are so many places in to visit like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mysore, Rajasthan, Delhi, North India, South India and many more and the best time to visit in India is from August to March so you may visit India at this time and enjoy of your trip because the whether and environment of India is good. So if you want to know more about tourist destination then you may go with this link
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    Hi Anushka,
    Where would you recommend for April to June?
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    Actually, there is no such thing to say that best time to visit India because the country has variety of destinations with different weather conditions and one can be on any of such Indian destination all over the year without weather impact. The destinations like Leh and Ladakh, Valley of Flowers, Goa Beaches, South India Attractions like Kerala Ayurvedic Tour, etc. After all, you can make a good time around regardless of the time you visit India.
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    I am going to India golden triangle incl Kashmir on 1st week of Dec 2012. Pls advs the weather to expect. Any possibility of proceeding with the stay at boat hse? Does temp ever go -ve ? Tq
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    List of best uncasual places in india.

    5.Roopkund Lake
  • Best time to visit India is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala, Goa but not Kashmir.
  • The best time to visit India is between late October (the end of the monsoon season) and mid-March. April and May can be very hot and humid
  • The best time in India is the winter season from December to January, as it makes that you are in heaven...
  • The weather in India varies dramatically.While the southern tip of the India is being lashed by tropical monsoon
    rain, the north will be blanketed in thick snow. the best
    time to travel to India depends greatly on the destinations to be
    visited and the climate experienced there.
  • Best time to visit India is around December to February. In this period weather is perfect for traveling. So if you are thinking to visit India than plan your trip around December to February.

  • in the winter seasons.
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    India is Incredible and it is really incredible. There are thousands of destinations to visit, each destination with diverse culture, climate and people. Every season is worth visiting India. Below guide will help you find your perfect tourist destination.


    Cochin and Allepey




    Spiti Valley


    Mount Abu

    And here is the list of amazing places to visit in India before you die.
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    I have been to India only once in my childhood and don’t
    have enough knowledge about India Weather climate; but here I am going to share
    a link that has great information about India Weather Overview. I hope it will
    be helpful for many to choose the best time according to their destination and
    weather taste.

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    You can visit India on next month in rainy season. I suggest to visit Bhimtal Hotels & resorts.
    This is the best time to go there & enjoy the rainy environment in Nainital, Uttarakhand.
    Try this one. if you are interested.
    I had nice experience from this place.
  • I agree with samirdutt! Rainy season really good to visit India Bhimtal Hotels & resorts is an amazing place to stay there. I have tried their services and I think this is the best custom serve resort in India. 
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    I think Rainy Season Not very Much good for Heal Station and the Bhimtal also comes in its, And if you want to Visit India Come in Last week of Augest realy you enjoy alot and explore much more from your expectations 
  • There are lot of travel places are available in India, it depends on your tour planning only. If you planning to visit best places at the summer time you have to face the weather condition.
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    saravanavels and ajaysingh! let me know about you most favorite places to in India and things to do there. I am interested to know about your traveling taste. so let me know what kind of attractions attract you?
  • Niky as my advise you can visit Rajasthan , its really amazing 
  • Absolutely right  Ajaysingh, Rajasthan is one of the most popular state of India and provide great wealth for sight to see. The state of Rajasthan in northwester India includes part of the Thar Desert, as well as Ranthambhor National Park, home to wild tigers, and verdant Mount Abu and its elaborate temples. A camel safari near the inhabited desert trading centre of Jaisalmer gives a hint of the area's beautiful desolation. Yeah Niky, Rajasthan is worth a trip so you must visit here.
  • Thank You,  Elliotg and Niky if you Plan visit there let me know i will help you out Thanks

  •  India is the most engaging, colorful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming country in the world. and.
    The best time to visit in India is between October to march because climate is best at this time and also October is the time of end of monsoon season. after that time like April May and June can be very hot and then other month are so rainy with monsoon. so late October to mid March time is the best time to visit in India.
  • October to
    March is a nice season to visit India. It is also one of my favorite times of
    the year to visit this region. In winter the weather is beautifully predictable
    with blue skies and bright sunshine in the most areas. 

  • The best time to visit India is between October and March. Temperatures in northern India are pleasant and range in the 25-10 degrees Celsius during the daytime in these months, making it pleasant for sightseeing.

    Between October to March is the peak season for tourists in India as the weather is conducive and the country celebrates many colourful festivals. Dussehra is celebrated in October and is followed 20 days later by the festival of lights- Diwali. Come March, it is time for Holi: coloured powder, water fights and sweetmeats! Pretty Pushkar in Rajasthan holds Asia’s largest camel fair in November; in February it’s time for the Mardi Gras carnival in Goa.

    Rajasthan is colourful and extremely pleasant with pleasant days and cold nights during this time. The winter months are also ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and this is the best time to visit wildlife parks like Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh amongst others.

  • Things to do in India:

    India being a multi-cultural society, the list of things to do in India is bound to be pretty exhaustive as the country offers something for everyone! So just go with the flow and choose what interests you and be assured that you will definitely enjoy your journey through this gorgeous country called India!
    Explore the numerous wildlife parks where animals roam freely or embark on an unparalleled spiritual journey as you follow the temple trails of this religiously inclined country, which runs from up north to down south. Indulge in some water sports at its beaches and rivers and feel the adrenaline rush as you go rafting on the gushing waters of the River Ganges! Snorkeling, scuba diving, angling, waterskiing, and surfing are some of the water sports that you can enjoy in India. Not interested in water sports? Don’t worry you can indulge in some mountaineering fun at its various hills and mountains. Rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, trekking and hiking are some of the things to do on the hills of India.
    Relive the days of the Raj as you travel around the ancient ruins of forts, palaces and Havelis (large private houses) that reflect the grandeur and luxuries of the bygone era. Marvel at the numerous monuments that speak of the architectural splendours of the different empires who had ruled over the country. Participate in the Heritage Walk and get apprised with all the ancient forts, palaces and Havelis as the knowledgeable guide narrates interesting stories and fables around each of them.
    Shoppers’ paradise, India offers a diverse shopping experience ranging from makeshift markets to swanky malls that vie for visitors’ attention with their special discounts and schemes. If you want to enjoy a typical Indian shopping experience then the best place to shop from are the various street markets and the makeshift weekly markets that sell everything from ceramics to clothes to little knick-knacks that you can take back home as souvenirs from India. Some of the must-buys include Kashmiri carpets, rugged durries of natural fibre in natural colours and rural motifs, the colourful handloom from the ‘seven sisters’ in the northeast, pearls from Hyderabad, and bidriware from Karnataka among numerous other things, which will make for some excellent souvenirs from India.
    Tired after your shopping expedition? Just sit back and relish the culinary journey you are going to embark on with the variety of cuisines available in the country. Tickle your taste buds with the local junk food like chaat-paapdi, dahi-bhalle (doughnuts immersed in creamy yoghurt and sprinkled with numerous chutneys and spices), or enjoy the delicious Mughal cuisine in a fine dining restaurant, savour some scrumptious paper thin crisp dosas (pancakes made with rice dough) with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Crave for some international cuisines then choose from European, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Continental among others. Dig into succulent meats and chicken that are either curried or roasted to perfection and sprinkled with various spices to give that distinct flavour that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!
    Partake in the local festivals that not only add colour to this beautiful country but also celebrate the spirit of unity in diversity as the entire country comes together and take part in the festivities. Some of the most important festivals that you must attend on your trip to India include the festival of lights – Diwali, the festival of colours – Holi, the harvest festival – Pongal in the South, Bihu in the east, and Baisakhi in the north. Christmas, Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha, the Prophets Birthday and Good Friday are other prominent events that are celebrated with great pomp and show.
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    Such an informative post ajaysingh! I
    am impressed and after visit thing you pot I am interested to go to India after my bus
    tours from boston to washington dc. I must follow your suggestion and to
    visit the River Ganges will be my first priority because I love natural

  • My Plesure , mail me if i help you more : [email protected]
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  • Hi but , i am not any spam  thank for your awareness Ms Anya 
  • Climate plays a key factor in deciding when to visit India. You should keep in mind that climatic conditions in the far north are distinctly different to those of the extreme south.

    Generally speaking, India’s climate is defined by three seasons – the
    hot, the wet (monsoon) and the cool, each of which can vary in duration
    from north to south. The most pleasant time to visit most of the
    country is during the cooler period of November to around mid-February,
    although there are marked regional variations (see the Fast Facts boxes
    at the start of regional chapters for the best times to visit specific
    regions). If you’re in India during the (hot) summer and (wet, humid)
    monsoon, cool relief can be found in the northern Himalayan region –
    consider pursuing ‘The Great Himalayan Circuit’. Apart from the weather,
    the timing of certain festivals or special events may also influence when you wish to visit.

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