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Visa for Turkey

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I was in turkey for three months. on tourist visa how long do i need to leave country before i can go back on another tourist visa? i am Australian


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    a few days is enough.
  • I have a friend that is in Turkey on business. He as detained at the airport because he over stayed for one week and has been asked to pay a fine of $4,000 USD? he is stranded over in Turkey as all his assets have been frozen in Australia  
    Is there any reason that he was detained and is there any way that he can get help to leave Turkey?

  • Don't have so much info but may be it can helpfull, consulate can provide credit for their citizens. When he/she turns back they pay it back.
  • Ok thank you for the info...but what happens if the consulate is closed 

  • Most consulates have emergency after-hours numbers for this sort of situation. Check their website.
  • £4,000dollars is a huge fine for one week, its usually around 240 US dollars.How well do you know your friend brown eyes? A large fine in Turkey funds frozen in Australia sounds like it might be a scam .
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