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Has anyone used For a Morocco desert tour from Fez?

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Hi Everyone

I am starting to plan a trip for 7 of my friends - Morocco for April 2014. Would anyone have any recommendation for a desert tour company? I am thinking of getting someone to book everything for the 8 of us. A bit easier on my opinion! I am thinking local travel company. Has anyone used Camel Excursions? Any other suggestion will be greatly appreciated. 


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     I suggest taking a tour from Authentic sahara tours for your entire trip. We took the guided trip for 4 days out of 7 and they were the best day we had in Morocco ( form eating to sleeping and visiting beautiful places that would take a lot of research to find on your own ). We went from Marrakech to the desert and then to Fes. Everything was orgnized very well. They have standard tours but if you want they can plan also customized tours, you only have to tell them what you want to do in Morocco.
  • Thank you Muller for your suggestion, i have contacted authentic sahara tour but i didn't get no answer from them, 

    I've done plenty of research and i found one other company who's prices are very cheap but after researching them i found that they were very unreliable,

    This Camel excursions company has had excellent reviews and seems to be the best out there for what I'm looking for, 

    What do you sugguest about the desert trip, 3 days or 4 ? 

    Thank you,
  • We had amazing trip with Your Morocco Tour.  We had contacted many companies prior booking, but Your Morocco Tour had the best rate and also their reviews on Trip Advisor are of high standard. 

    Jana who answered our emails was great, always answering all our questions and offering us different type of accommodation. It was pleasure working with her. 

    Then the tour itself was superb! Our driver spoke good English and was lot of fun. He never complain of any extra stops we ask him to make. He was very communicative when we answer him questions and was good looking too :)

    We had amazing trip really and all is thanks to Your Morocco Tour. Highly recommend 
  • hi lady fez its not  desert city to take camel from to !!  unless you do it as guiness record  
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    Hello emerry,
    well we had a very good experience with them and Our driver Aziz was very helpfull so i suggest you to contact them again they are the only company i can recomend.
    Otherwise you have to search on trip advisor.
    wish you good trip in Morocco

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