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Bad idea to go to Pakistan? Safety in Pakistan

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I've always wanted to go to Pakistan, I'm not sure why. I think it's because I knew a Pakistani family when I was a kid and they were great. So it's always been my dream to travel there, but something tells me it's a bad idea. I'm not American, but I am pretty white. Is it safe to go to Pakistan? If not now, will it ever be in my lifetime? What is the safety situation in Pakistan?


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    Dear Wendy. Pakistan is avery good place to visit, although it is not the right time to visit because of law and order problem but i am hopeful that it will get better. If you need any further info. you may contact me on the following add.
    [email protected]
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    Dear Wendy
    Pakitan is an Islamic Country, you will need to cover yourself and dress modestly at all times when you are outdoors and I would never recommend travelling on your own. You need a male escort. Women are not viewed in the same way in this part of the world nor treated the same as men and I say this to you for your own good. It is a very different way of life in Islamic countries and I suggest that you really look at Pakistan through realistic eyes as to why you want to visit and what you want to do. It is not country for female holiday makers.
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    I,female, have travelled in Pakistan and had a great time, the people are very friendly and hospitable. Recently I read a blog by somebody doing an journalism internship there and he also wrote about how we have misconceptions of that country and its people, attached is a link, it pretty much sums up what i remember but he talks of the largest city whereas the smaller towns are where one feels the genuine and warmth of the people to a larger degree
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    i dont know what ''Middle east lady'' is trying to potray about pakistan...Pls its easy and without any problem.. u can visit and travel and drive car..what ever...people are awesome..believe me.....pls feel free to contact me anytime....
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    HI, NABZ, can I please send you an email? I am leaving for pakistan on thurs (3/24) and staying for seven days, first to lahore and then a plane to karachi (back to chicago from karachi) I am a tall and blond haired 31 year old male, I am going there for my good friend's wedding, i know most of his family and they promise to look out for me-- I will be staying with them, any advice? thanks!
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    Everything turned out great, definitely a lot of security around the cities, checkpoints, private guards, police and military, if you are with a native who you know will look out for you, you will be fine inshallah! :)
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    The things can change anytime in Pakistan. You never know what would happen if you visit there.
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    I am a Pakistani citizen residing and working in Dubai. By the grace of Almighty Allah, Pakistan is blessed with all seasons, great culture, and glorious history. Its a place to visit. And i agree with some of the friends mentioning about security. Its a good idea to have some one as escort esp if you are going to Northern Areas. I have mentioned Northren areas as there is no other place like Pakistan for people who love natural beauty, glorious mountains, natural and beautiful lakes and much more. I have visited all of the europe and havent found anything like what we have in Pakistan.

    I hope that law and order situation improves in my country and government develop the tourism sector and market it. once things get better, Pakistan will be a an excellent choice for holidays.

    If anyone need advice about any place to visit, do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]
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    i have cousins in Pakistan who have lived all their lives in the Capital city, Islamabad. They seem quite happy with their living standards but yes I've at times heard them distressing over their country's political situation. Anyways, as far as visiting Pakistan is concerned, i visited it last year and it was pretty much fun...this place is undoubtedly beautiful... also, i was going through this article the other day and found it interesting. hope you can get something out of it too Why should a foreigner visit Pakistan
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    I am planning a trip in 2012 to Paksitan to finally see my sweetheart. After 4 long years of emails, phone calls, and yahoo messenger...I finally decided to stop being afraid and just go for it. I am concerned about the safety issues there. I am American but I will be met at the airport by him and his family and also will be staying in the family home in Swat. Is this a good idea? Will I be safe there as long as i'm escorted by the family? I'm white american but mixed with native american indian so I shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb too bad over there. Any advice?
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    Well Pakistan has some troubled areas but there are many places worth a visit. Some of the places are really good and mostly people from Pakistan are very friendly too. But I agree that you would have to dress modestly and be careful not to offend any sentiments. It is thus advisable that you travel with someone rather than travelling alone.
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    pakistan is have a little bit of voilence but now its under control every country in the world is have crime but they give protection to visitors you can travel alone its nothing to worry about its save for visitor and the national people of pakistan its very beutifull country and i personally garenteed that you will enjoy the journey to pakistan if any problem in visas or any kind of help you want contect me [email protected]
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    dont go to swat or FATA , PSH some part of sindh, and complete is fine
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    nothing is wrong in Pakistan, especially the Punjab, area, and Kashmir area, you can travell anywhere,
    Its not that old time, So feel free to visit, if need any info or help feel free to ask.
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    Pakistan is somewhat safe to travel.Depends on where you go.If you go to Karachi then its pretty safe as of you will have to live in urban areas.But you should be alerted every time and whenever there's a strike or something not safe then i would advice to stay put. The food is very good and restaurants will be seen in every part of that country,it is very lively you will always see people walking on streets running here and there,its very loud and active.Some architectural places are also very beautiful and must be seen.
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    Most of the parts where you are allowed to travel are safe, some parts such as KPK, especially along Afghan border are not safe and you will not be allowed to travel to those areas at all. Rest of country is very much safe and I am sure you shall have a great great time in our beautiful and friendly country. The media has portrayed it as a bad country but its quite opposite to it.

    If you need any assistance regarding travel arrangements, visa help, please feel free to contact me via Adventure Tours Pakistan is one or the premier inbound tour operators in Pakistan based in Islamabad.
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    i need an honest and good advised, i'm planning to go to Lahore to visit my boyfirend, he will be at the airport to pick me up and i'll be staying at the hotel and later to his place,i'm a canadian malaysian .how is lahore in terms of safety and security for foreign women visitor? and this is our first time to meet in person and i have never been in pakistan.
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    Pakistan is very safe place to visit. As long as you are not in western border areas. And Lahore is a cosmopolitan city. There is no issue of security and safety in Lahore. We all the Pakistanis welcome you whole heartedly.
    here are some tips & tricks for safety & security.
    i hope you will find them informative & helpful
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    I wouldn't recommend anybody to travel to Pakistan unless they have family connections or security with the exception of maybe Lahore. Too much chaos nowadays. People don't really trust people anymore. If your white even if your not American people may target you. I would say if you have to go purchase a gun for your own protection. All these people who comment probably live in their upper class defense neighborhoods that are basically gated communities. Western people tend to be a little naive and might wonder in unfriendly areas. I'm of Pakistani origin from both a village and urban background so I know what's going on. Karachi, Khyber Puktunawa, Balochistan, Interior Sindh, Southern Punjab, are all quite dangerous these days, so if your content staying around Lahore than go otherwise why risk your life. (I'm not punjabi, I'm not trying to portray the Punjabies as being safe well everyone else isn't I'm just speaking on the current safety issues.)
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    At least you are honest Malik - as far as I am concerned Pakistan is not even safe for Pakistanis. That country needs dire reform before it can be recommended to silly naive Westerners seeking adventure.
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    No Wendy.. It is really really not a bad IDEA to spend a visit to Pakistan. I am an europ
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    I am an American businessman and have been asked to travel to Lahore for 2 months for business. Crazy or reasonably safe assuming one would take standard big city precautions?
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    I am an American educator living part-time in Lahore with my wife and her family. I can say that, from our experience, living and traveling in this region is quite safe (with the exception of the utter chaos on Lahore's streets). I would not advise travel in Karachi, Balochistan, and some of the northern areas at this time. That being said, the cultural wealth in Pakistan certainly justifies a tour for experienced world travelers.
  • I am from Pakistan.

    If you are smart guy, and you stay in Lahore / Islamabad, then its safe.

    If you are a girl coming to Pakistan to meet boyfriend. Not a good idea trust me.
  • I am planning to meet my pakistani boyfriend who currently lives in Saudi Arabia. We are not sure yet as to whether we will meet in Bahrain or Lahore, Pakistan. Why do u say its not a good idea to meet boyfriend. We are planning to get married. I would have liked for him to come to Australia and we could marry here but after reading lot of posts on other discussion panels i have realised that he will have difficulty coming here as we havent met in person yet.
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    Dear tourist, if you wanna visit to Pakistan for seeking some famous places. For any help and security guide line contact direct at email.

    [email protected]

    welcome to Pakistan..
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    Hi Pakistan experts, I am travelling from Bali to Holland on a small motorbike. I also want to travel through Pakistan to Iran. Is there some kind of meetingpoint to travel as a group for our safety? Maybe in Lahore? I hope to be there in October. Please advice me! Thank you!
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    Hi Wendy.. Pakistan is not Secure place to visit specially tourism. It's a rural area. There are many extremely sensitive issue to bring up that why Indians are also scared to visit their own state.
  • from malaysia and im planning to go to pakistan to attend my friend's wedding. after reading all the comments not sure whether is it safe for me to go. and also im female and going there alone. i havent ask which place in pakistan but i want to make sure first before i go..please could anyone help me
  • Jiamiso, you want attend a wedding in Pakistan but have not asked where the wedding is to take place. How are we to give you correct an current advice if you don't know where you are going.
    This what the British government have to say on travel to Pakistan

    and the Canadian government

    All say avoid nonessential travel. I would not travel to Pakistan as a single woman as its dangerous in general and more so for a single female

  • There is no problem if anybody want to come in Pakistan, There are so many places to visit in Pakistan, There are some specific areas that have law and order problems but nothing to worry about them rest of the Pakistan is very beautiful Country like, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, etc you can come and visit culture of Pakistan. The people are very friendly and also save for single woman if anybody want to come to Pakistan, there are so many misconceptions about Pakistan in West.
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    Me and my family live in Lahore, we live a normal life every day we go to our work places come back at evenings, stay together, take dinner together, etc. I am a wedding photographers if anybody want to come in Pakistan I can guide them where to go or not.

  • Not being an American can certainly be an advantage, but the fact that you are fairly white will certainly make you stand out in a country such as Pakistan. To the best of my knowledge you are not safe if you are from any European based nation, but it would certainly be worth taking the time to find out more about Pakistan views on your country of origin. Where are you from? That would be more helpful in answering your question, but consider the fact that it is a third world country in upheaval.
  • Wendy.. Asalamalaikum... 
    and if your going alone.. its a bad idea.. not to mention you dont speak our language.. or know how women dress here.. it would be very wise if you know someone here that you trust.. :)
    that is all.. have a great time here :) 
  • btw Susee_Lee... this is a country of Pakistani.. not Indians.. your talking something you dont know off.. so either you have visited... or know someone who has.. dont talk about Pakistan like that.. i live in its capital Islamabad.. and by far i walk alone.. even in the empty places.. nothing happened to me.. nor did i saw any Lawless act happening  before me.. and i was born here.. so please visit before you judge... 
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    Muhammad, its very different living in a place to being a tourist. It is unfortunate but Pakistan is not known for its tourism because of the violence. 
    I cut the following paragraphs from the British government site on Pakistan

    'There is a high threat from terrorism, kidnap and sectarian violence throughout Pakistan.

    Travellers should be aware of recent (21 January 2014) reports in the Pakistan press about heightened security at markets in Islamabad due to reports of a possible terrorist attack on restaurants or coffee shops in Kohsar Market. You should maintain vigilance, in line with guidance on the threat from terrorism, and monitor local media.

    Following disturbances in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area and in Lahore during November 2013 tensions remain heightened. Take particular care at religious sites, avoid large crowds and gatherings, and where necessary seek advice on alternative travel routes.'

  • crazy to go pak u have little chance do not get kidnaped as foreigners as its only business can get dollars there 
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    I love Pakistan and Pakistani as well! Now the situation of Pakistan is not good due to the law and order. but on the other hand so many people come Pakistan. Last time my friend Houston went to Pakistan. According to his the much safe province is Punjab and if you don't go to KPK, some areas of Sindh and all over the Balochistan. I also making a plan to Pakistan in April to meet my friend and attend her birthday.
  • Houston I am not sure what country you are from but it seems you may not have reliable information.
    Punjab is not any safer than any other area of Pakistan. There are frequent reports of criminality ,lawlessness and public disorder in the Punjab , which by the way is a huge area.  

    Europeans of Pakistani origin have often been targeted by criminals  just as much as other foreigners.

    In 2008 the Pakistani government advised the following, which is still in force.
    “all foreigners, including diplomats may not move out of their city of residence without proper security and without prior co-ordination with the law enforcement agency"
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