Ethiopia: hiking in the Simian mountains

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Has anyone hiked in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia? I would like to plan a group trek there, leaving from Gondor. Any experience of how to do it, where to find a reliable guide, and a decent route much appreciated. thanks


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    A trekking in the Simien breathtaking. Usually
    you should hire someone from Addis Ababa that arrange camping materials,
    foodstuffs, cooking utensils, transport and other. Better to deal with Tour
  • I think ,,, Fanostour have a good point for you there........  well. I would love you come and challenge the 10000 and over Mountain climbers, Professional and amateur athelets, expeted on February to particpate at the  Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, a compatition organized everywhere with the present of over 1500 visitors, from the six Continent
    I am a Guide and Travel Agent
  • the amazing feature of the semien maintain is wonderful challenging place. off course all camping material and guide advisable to take with you. we can arrange it at addis ababa, tent,sleeping bag,  cooking utainsels and others. contact us by e-mail.

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