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passport validity requirement for visa to Europe

Hi ,

I am from India, and I am applying for visa to Paris 2 days and Switzerland 3 days, just a short trip. My travel dates are 7th may, 2014.. Just now I checked my passport , the validity for which is September, 2014.

I want to ask am I still be able to apply for the visa to these places? or do I need to renew my passport?



  • Hi there,
    Although we always advise people to have six months validity on their passports just to eliminate the possibility of trouble with border control, the Schengen countries officially only require three months validity to issue a visa for an Indian citizen. So you should be fine to travel. However, seeing as you have to renew your passport soon anyway it may be worth doing it before getting your visa if you have time. I'm not sure how long it takes to renew a passport in India...
  • Thanks Ella.

    for urgent requirement the reissue of passport takes around 1 week but for normal cases 45 days atleast. my case comes under normal. coz I have to change few personal particulars also.

  • If you need to change personal details on your passport, I can advise you not to wait from personal experience! If something isn't up-to-date, it can become a real hassle.
  • Anya is right - if your details have changed its better to renew your passport before travelling. If they find a discrepancy between your passport and details they might not award the visa. You should still have time though - I know in most countries you can't actually get a schengen visa more than three months before your departure date anyway. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  • Thanks a lot for clearing my doubt :)

    you both have a nice year ahead.

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