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is it possible to cross country from Kuwait to Canada

edited January 2014 in Middle East
can anyone post here if it is possible to cross country from Kuwait to Canada


  • I can tell you it isn't possible, as those countries are on different continents.
  • If you count going by sea as " overland" for part of the journey it could be possible. I responded twice to this post but for some reason the moderator prevented the post demonstrating how it could be done from appearing.
  • Hi Alethia,

    None of your posts have been deleted, it's possible they got flagged by the spam filter though, which occasionally seems to make up its own rules. Let me know if this happens with more of your comments.

  • can i get a tourist visa from kuwait to canada after working in kuwait.

  • Where you have worked is irrelevant , It depends on your nationality as to how and where you apply for a visa to Canada.
  • which is the cheap and best place to stay in kuwait...for indians
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