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Do you know Jane Rooy, Becky Hughes or Stacceey Robert

edited February 2014 in - West Africa
Hi guys, Im from South Africa and I meet online a girl with her daughter who lifes in Nigeria Abeokuta in the Ogun State. Her she say is Jane Rooy, Becky Hughes or Stacceey Robert and her daughter is called Cookie. Can someone go and comfirm who travel to that area. I do have photo of her and daughter if you need to idenity them. I want to make sure that I do not get scammed. Here is my Email address to contact me direct: [email protected]
Kind regard
My real name: Marthinus de Beer


  • Here's a fool-proof way to know:

    If she asks you for money, you're being scammed.

    I'm not saying it's completely impossible that she's real, but the odds are not in your favour. Be wary and don't get too emotionally involved until you have actually MET this woman IN PERSON (and didn't have to send her money for the ticket).
  • Sorry, I just noticed this: why does this person have three names? That's a huge red flag right there!
  • Do you really think someone will waste their time and go to Nigeria to check this woman out? Why not go yourself. Your girlfriend has 3 names (aliases) and you think that is normal?
    I think you need to avoid all contact with this woman before you get scammed.
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