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What's a rupee worth in India?

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Hello, I am thinking about traveling to India soon. I have used the currency converter to find out how much a US dollar is worth in India, But what I need to find is more information on what can a Rupee buy? I need to know how much things are worth. A hotel, food, fun activities, anything... Can someone help? Any knowlegde would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    A cheap hotel room is Rs 400-600, a cheap Veg Thali about 20 Rs, from a restaurant, about 50 Rs. A large bottle of Fosters 60 Rs in store, Kingfisher is slightly cheaper. In a restaurant or bar you will pay 100 - 120 Rs.

    You can easily get by on around Rs1500 per day if you are careful with your money.

    Here is an interesting link that helps you estimate how much you'll spend:
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    I would agree with David. The hotel room rates will vary on the location you go to. The rest of the details are about the same all throughout India
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    ya i agree with both the are aweson
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    You can will yourself in a Mcdonalds in any part of India in major cities with 80-90R (2Dollars). Thats for the best meal.
    Simple burger will cost 20Rs.
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    What does a decent room with air-con cost in Goa, near the beach please. Would I pay in dollars or Rupees?
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    Hi DavidF, Everyone has a different idea of 'decent room' really. Goa does cater for all budgets really depending on which place you head for. You can go 5* luxury and pay £300 or go for a £5 simple beach hut in Arambol with a ceiling fan and cold water only and there is a lot or other options inbetween. If it is peak season then try to book ahead, otherwise you can turn up and find something to suit you locally. I alway paid in rupees, but at the luxury hotels you may be able to pay in USD too.
  • $1.00 US Dollar is worth 49.910 Rupees.1.00 Indian Rupee = 0.0255 U.S. Dollar


    1 dollar = 39.175 Indian Rupee

  • Now in India
    1 dollar= 39.28 Indian Rupee and it can slightly vary. How much it cost in living or having foods its totally depends on you. If you stay in a luxuries it could cost around Rs 5000-20000. So its up to you.
  • you are right the lowest cost of a hotel is 400 to 500/night. and highest cost of a hotel is 5000 and more. It totally depend on you.
  • If you want to stay in a luxurious way then the estimate will be different. So, its up to you at what kind of location you want  your hotel.
  • 1 USD is equal to nearly 55 INR to 60 INR. And you can get a hotel room at very low cost at nearly 300 to 400 INR per day And also food are very cheap. You can eat lunch at nearly 50 INR.
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