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Marriages in Malawi

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Hi can someone help..A friend of mine White British Male married an evil girl from Malawi, they moved to Uk. He divorcing her but has been told to find out if his marriage is legal. I.E neither of them no anything about the Apostille Seal Stamp. She cant find the marriage certificate. How can my friend get a copy of the marriage certificate from malawi & should the seal stamp be on the marriage certificate


  • If your friends Malawian wife lives with him in the UK , It means she had to apply to the British government for a spouse visa. To obtain a UK spouse visa you must be legally married. The British Entry Clearance Officers check the marriage documents very carefully. 

    Therefore as the spouse visa was granted enabling the Malawian women to live in the UK your friends marriage must be considered legal by the British government and they would need a British divorce.To divorce in the UK you must be married a minimum of one year before divorce proceedings can start.

    Your friend can apply for a copy of the marriage certificate from the register office in the town where they married. Without a marriage certificate you cannot divorce in the UK. Try contacting the Registrar General at the following address.

    The Registrar General
    PO Box 100

  • Contact details for the Registrar Generals office in Malawi is:-

    Registrar General's Department

    Business Listing
    • Tel265 624 668
    • Tel265 624 355
    • Fax265 621 686

    By the way is your friends wife still in the UK on a spouse visa?
  • Thank you so much....You have helped immensly. Yes the woman still lives in the UK but does not live with her husband. They have lived apart for nearly 5yrs. She now has a British passport, not sure about the visa thing.
  • To  be granted a British passport your friends wife would have entered the UK on a spouse visa and three years after entry she would apply for the British passport. Each time she would have to show her marriage to her husband was legal.

    If your friends wife has a British passport she does not need a visa and can remain legally in the UK. After 5 years separation a divorce will be straightforward once they have the marriage certificate.  
  • Again thank you very much...Just need to obtain the marriage certificate from Blantyre where they married. Do you know how long this would take until the husband receives it & how much it costs.
  • Sorry I cannot answer that question, if he has someone in Blantyre to collect the marriage certificate it may be quicker.
  • I have sent an email to the registrar in Blantyre asking for advise on how to obtain it....He has no one in Blantyre that can help him....Her family wont help as they dont want him to divorce her & have been told they are all crooks. That is why he was unsure if his marriage was legal. We need to get a copy of the certificate & make sure it is geniune x
  • Once again the friends wife would not have obtained a visa to enter the UK or British citizenship with an illegal marriage document. The marriage document they presented to the British government means that in the eyes of British law they are legally married.
    Just get the marriage certificate and let these people divorce and move on with their lives instead of all this childish behaviour calling people crooks etc.
  • Childish behaviour....All I have done is asked for help & advise. You gave that to me to which I replied thank you so much...I know nothing about this woman or her family. All I can go by is what he has said. He lived out there for 3yrs & told me all about the crooks out there & who they are. I even told him he was a stupid white british male who got sucked into the young african woman looking for a rich white husband...He was nothing but an easy meal ticket into UK. She even got preg with 1 week of meeting him. Being the decent man he is, thats why he married her.
  • What is the email address of the Registar general in Blantyre ?
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    Department of the Registrar General
    Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

    Address: Fatima Building, PO Box 100, Blantyre
    Telephone: (265) 01 788 411
    Telefax: (265) 01 788 153
    E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Alethia: I reformatted your post to make it easier to read... I didn't change a letter of the content though!
  • Thanks Anya ,no matter how I tried I could not format or edit the information.
  • Hi, Can someone please advise me as to where I can get my parents Marriage Certificate Copy ?
    They married in Namwera Malawi in 1959.
  • Read Alethia's post of April 25th, above.
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    Anya, it may not be so easy as prior to July 1964 Malawi was known as Nyasaland which was a British protectorate and where the marriage certificate is lodged depends on where and who married them. Namwera is a very small place even today so the marriage would probably be conducted by a British official or the Anglican church.
    In the UK the certificate should be here

    RG36 Registers and Returns of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Protectorates etc of Africa and Asia Covering dates 1895-1965
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