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Best time for travel to Iceland?

I want to go on holiday to Reykjavik in Iceland but am worried about the weather. When is the best (warmest) time of year in Iceland and is it generally as cold as it sounds?


  • If you are wanting to go to Iceland, the Summer is the best time to go for touring and getting about.
    It is a big country with a population of 240,000, most of them living in Rekjavik (not sure of spelling), it can be remote. It is an expensive place and I would recommend you join the YHA of your own country before going (this way you are entitled to Icelandic YHA accommodation when you are there) The North is bizarrely drier than the South and in the 3 weeks I toured the North it didn't rain once in August, wheras the South had rain EVERY day!
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    I lived there 2 years - the biggest issue is the wind; it's very breezy. Travel can be tough in the winter, and the sun is up only 4 hours a day (about 6 hours of daylight (10AM to 4 PM)). In the summer, it's breezy and chilly by southern US standards, but not too bad (45-60F) light jackets and sweaters suffice. Its daylight 24/7, with the sun actually up 21 hours a day.
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    Go in the winter time and see the northern lights. Check out this site if you want to do that: northern lights
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    Hello everyone.
    April is right at the tail end of winter and tends to be by turns wet and snowy (although it can be nice - it's just not guaranteed) - better try late May or June if you want better weather.

    If you are looking for the the best weather choose July or early August.

    I would personally recommend autumn over spring - the autumn colours are gorgeous.
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    April is the best time to traveling Iceland.
  • I love December as the Christmas time is great over there
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    and this christmas tour is the best at least I loved it when i went there 2 years ago

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    Weekend season is good like December month.Otherwise winter season is good and April & May is also a good season for travel.
  • Icleland is nice. last year my friend visited. but I don't know there security system. Hope that security system is good
  • Iceland has a concentrated tourist season, peaking from mid-June through
    August. Many Icelanders think the summer tourists don't know what
    they're missing. Iceland offers plenty to do in spring, fall, even
    winter, and prices are dramatically lower for airfares, car rentals, and

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    Iceland is good place for holiday all time April & May month is good season for travel.
  • It is very nice place for holiday spend.In my opinion winter the best time to travel Iceland.This place is so beautiful and natural.
  • Nice Post..Thanks for sharing your nice and informative views with us.!!
  • I am going also in summer , According to me it was best time for spending your vacations .
  • Iceland is a superb destination for a summer holiday. From mid-September on wards, car hire prices and hotel room rates fall & the crowds evaporate. So if it's space, freedom, fresh air and glorious scenery that you're after, this time of year is ideal.
  • we were in August and sometimes it was +8 - +6...
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