How safe is it to travel in Kenya



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    Have a child going to Nairobi with a Christian mission trip in summer of 2011 and will be visiting a church in Mukuru and traveling to the Limuru area traveling back through the Rift Valley. They will also visit Garissa and also visit Masai Mara. It will be a fairly large group and they are using an organization that does a lot of work in Kenya. Will my child be safe visiting these places? Can not help but be overprotective parent.
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    I'm planning a tour at Christmas 2011 starting in kenya and going through Uganda and back.

    To be blunt I'm a young white female and am wondering how safe it is...

    Any advise?
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    Kenya is pretty safe as long as you dont intend to visit the areas close to the somali border. Just keep valuables abit concealed while on the streets in nairobi. Avoid dark and lonely alleys at night. Otherwise, people are always willing to help out if you need to know directions.....etc. Im a kenyan, in germany at the moment and what i see in news about East Africa is abit dont rely on what you see on news too much...have it in mind though. Enjoy Kenya and uganda
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    Hi there, on a personal note I have not once been to Kenya, but
    my interests in it started awhile back when I was considering studying abroad
    in Africa, because of this I had done some research on Kenya that includes the
    safety and crime rate. My conclusion on the subject matter is if you go now
    (currently year 2014) you are putting yourself in some danger.

    There were many discussions out on the internet about
    the country and I found a lot of mixed reviews on the safety. Many would talk
    about specific areas like Nairobi and Mombasa district. In February of this
    year police raided a Mosque in Majengo which is part of the Mombasa district, and
    resulted in several deaths. Going back further there was a bombing at the Jomo
    Kenyatta Airport and more bombings throughout the country in December.
      During September
    of 2013, a major attack took place at the Westgate shopping centre in the
    Westlands district of Nairobi.
    attacks are mainly classified as terrorist attacks and not random suicide
    bombings (

    Many government cites such as Canada and the United
    Kingdom have posted recent travel advisory warnings cautioning visitors to not
    go (
     However these warning pertain to
    certain regions of the country like Nairobi, Somali border, Mombasa district,
    and for the most part east of the country.
     There are some discussion forums that have
    posts of stories from people who have been to the country. Some like the ones
    from say that going to do safari’s in the country is safe and
    open in the public, also claiming that coast resorts are often protected and
    seem to be out of the region of these bombing attacks.

    The safari’s seem to be the reason 1.25 million people
    tour the country every year and is the reason why Kenya attracted my attention
    when looking for places to study abroad. If safety is going to affect whether
    or not you go then my advice would be to reconsider as of now. In some ways it
    should depend on why you are going to Kenya. I feel as though the longer you
    stay some where the higher the chances of you being affected by the environment.
    For someone like me who plans on studying abroad and would be in the country
    for a few months, might have a higher chance of getting caught up in some
    trouble. Yet, we can’t necessarily rule out the idea that anything can happen
    at any given moment. It also depends on the location. As mentioned before if
    you are trying to travel closer to the east of Kenya there is a higher
    possibility of running into problems. My biggest suggestion would be to keep
    watching government advisory reports for updates on the safety, stay closer
    inland away from borders, always stay in public places, and avoid certain times
    such as elections where there can be high tension throughout the area. My extra
    sources that you can check out on the matter are listed below. I hope that this
    helps answer your question.

  • Hammertime is right. Kenya is a mixed bag safety-wise. My advice to travellers would be to spend as little time as possible in the cities as the majority of safety and security concerns in the country are related to urban areas. If you are sensible, take precautions and avoid dangerous areas a safari holiday in Kenya can be glorious and trouble-free. Just do your research and go prepared.
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    Kenya is a beautiful place with lot of things to do and activities to take part in.., even though it may sound unsafe for some people... i would advice that yopu put your trust in some of the reliable travel companies like the one we used #wildraceafrica safari, thus, they were realy helpful.

    We did a four day safari with mombasa and the trip was just wow...
    the guide was more helpful and more flexible, more knowledgeable and experience.., if you have any question, you can always contact them, their team of proffessionals are always available 24/7
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    Is Kenya Safe? The answer is yes!
    It is true that there
    has been some insecurity in both major cities of Nairobi and Mombasa as
    retaliatory attacks by the members of Al Shabaab on account that Kenya
    entered Somalia to neutralize them (terrorists).
     However, most of it has been confined to marginalized areas of the
    cities and has not affected areas and establishments frequented by travelers/tourists. Moreso, security has been beefed up in all parts of the country. We have not heard before of tourist being affected. Travelers arriving at JKIA, spending the night in a
    Nairobi hotel, and then traveling on to a safari destination are quite
    safe.  Homeview Adventures ground handlers, and safari planners have
    taken steps to ensure our clients' safety. For more info:

  • You haven't heard of tourists being affected? How about the British tourist who was kidnapped from Lamu in 2012? If you're going to try to convince people to visit your country at least be honest about the situation.
  • Kenya is the safe place to go. People are freindly, but still you should be aware off, dont take expensive things with you. dont go alone at night in streets.
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