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Budget accommodation World Cup Rio

edited February 2014 in - Brazil
Hey all,

I'm gonna be going to Rio for the world cup at the 13th of June and i've been looking around for cheap accommodation, but all the hostels and hotels seem to quadruple their normal rates.. Does anyone has any advice for cheap accommodation? I'm looking to spend less than 100 euro a day



  • Hi,

    I know one wicked travel company called StokeTravel and they organize a trip to Rio for world cup on 12 June – 13 July 2014. The trip includes the accommodation and a lot of other things. It's 80€/per day so it's not expensive. I really recommend to book the trip via StokeTravel! I was there with them a couple of years ago and it was so much fun! You get to party, meet new people etc. Just google StokeTravel Barcelona and check their website. On their website you will find all the necessary info for the world cup 2014!

  • At the time of world cup 2014 every single hotel or other accommodation so sure double their price. I am not sure but as Katie356 as mentioned one StokeTravel! you can try or one I know is But I am not sure whether you will get a real cheap deal may be pre-booking will help but still not sure about a cheap deal. Try your lucky my friend and enjoy.
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