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Argentina's "Train to the Clouds" from Salta

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Hello, We will be in Argentina in March of '09 and so far have gotten conflicting reports on the status and schedule of the "Train to the Clouds" leaving from Salta. Does anyone have a current update?
Thank you, Pharmacy


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    Hi there
    The Train to the Clouds departs every Saturday from April to November. In summer the service remains suspended due to the rainy season. (Although it is possible to make eventual trips in summer under favourable climate conditions).

    Contact the station's office for information. Tel: +543874314984

    Happy travels!
  • A report in Buenos Aires newspaper in August announced that the train is back in business after 3 years being out of service. It does a round trip every day from Salta, a total of over 400 km. The price for non-Argentinians is US$140 per person, which includes food and soft drinks. Apparently you can book online at although I personally have not done so. Enjoy!
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    Thanks Claire and "flooded",
    The wesite was very helpful, however the days of listed departures on the website are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, which conflicts with the above departure days given in the comments. Any further information?
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    Based on my research I have also found a lot of conflicting information.

    I think your best bet is to either call the station's office, (number in above post) or contact the Argentina Tourist Board either on +541143122232 or [email protected] (Website is

    They should be able to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information.
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    i want to go Argentina , will u plz give me info about it ok. my email is ([email protected])i wait for ur mail ok.
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    Sher - dude, look around Word Travels - there is a detailed guide to Argentina there. Read it, then come back here with specific questions. Deal?
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