Bad idea to go to Pakistan? Safety in Pakistan



  • There is no problem if anybody want to come in Pakistan, There are so many places to visit in Pakistan, There are some specific areas that have law and order problems but nothing to worry about them rest of the Pakistan is very beautiful Country like, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, etc you can come and visit culture of Pakistan. The people are very friendly and also save for single woman if anybody want to come to Pakistan, there are so many misconceptions about Pakistan in West.
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    Me and my family live in Lahore, we live a normal life every day we go to our work places come back at evenings, stay together, take dinner together, etc. I am a wedding photographers if anybody want to come in Pakistan I can guide them where to go or not.

  • So , the major governments are all completely wrong and have misconceptions about Pakistan  and you base this on your family who are Pakistani nationals living and working in Lahore.

    Several foreigners and their guides were murdered this summer in a peaceful area in the mountains in the North of Pakistan

    If  a group of professional mountain guides could not protect their clients, then how can a young wedding photographer assure the safety of foreigners

    In March 2013 a mob attacked the Christian area of Lahore destroying 2 churches and over 100 houses.
    Several places have been bombed recently in Lahore such as a shoe store in Liberty Market a bus stop near FC College as well as shopping centres , mosques and government buildings.

     On Sunday September 2013 two suicide bombers blew themselves up as people were leaving the morning service at the oldest church in Peshawar. 

    Helena you also forgot to mention the polluted smog that regularly engulfs Lahore and is dangerous to those with health problems,

    Pakistan may be beautiful and have culture but it is dangerous for foreigners.

  • Not being an American can certainly be an advantage, but the fact that you are fairly white will certainly make you stand out in a country such as Pakistan. To the best of my knowledge you are not safe if you are from any European based nation, but it would certainly be worth taking the time to find out more about Pakistan views on your country of origin. Where are you from? That would be more helpful in answering your question, but consider the fact that it is a third world country in upheaval.
  • Wendy.. Asalamalaikum... 
    and if your going alone.. its a bad idea.. not to mention you dont speak our language.. or know how women dress here.. it would be very wise if you know someone here that you trust.. :)
    that is all.. have a great time here :) 
  • btw Susee_Lee... this is a country of Pakistani.. not Indians.. your talking something you dont know off.. so either you have visited... or know someone who has.. dont talk about Pakistan like that.. i live in its capital Islamabad.. and by far i walk alone.. even in the empty places.. nothing happened to me.. nor did i saw any Lawless act happening  before me.. and i was born here.. so please visit before you judge... 
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    Muhammad, its very different living in a place to being a tourist. It is unfortunate but Pakistan is not known for its tourism because of the violence. 
    I cut the following paragraphs from the British government site on Pakistan

    'There is a high threat from terrorism, kidnap and sectarian violence throughout Pakistan.

    Travellers should be aware of recent (21 January 2014) reports in the Pakistan press about heightened security at markets in Islamabad due to reports of a possible terrorist attack on restaurants or coffee shops in Kohsar Market. You should maintain vigilance, in line with guidance on the threat from terrorism, and monitor local media.

    Following disturbances in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi area and in Lahore during November 2013 tensions remain heightened. Take particular care at religious sites, avoid large crowds and gatherings, and where necessary seek advice on alternative travel routes.'

  • crazy to go pak u have little chance do not get kidnaped as foreigners as its only business can get dollars there 
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    I love Pakistan and Pakistani as well! Now the situation of Pakistan is not good due to the law and order. but on the other hand so many people come Pakistan. Last time my friend Houston went to Pakistan. According to his the much safe province is Punjab and if you don't go to KPK, some areas of Sindh and all over the Balochistan. I also making a plan to Pakistan in April to meet my friend and attend her birthday.
  • Houston I am not sure what country you are from but it seems you may not have reliable information.
    Punjab is not any safer than any other area of Pakistan. There are frequent reports of criminality ,lawlessness and public disorder in the Punjab , which by the way is a huge area.  

    Europeans of Pakistani origin have often been targeted by criminals  just as much as other foreigners.

    In 2008 the Pakistani government advised the following, which is still in force.
    “all foreigners, including diplomats may not move out of their city of residence without proper security and without prior co-ordination with the law enforcement agency"
  • I dont knw who the hell r these guys saying all these things abt pakistan cuz I live here and its a gr8 place to visit....wheather ur a male or female it doesnt matter at all and if u knw english than u won't face any problem if ur a female u can wear jeans and shirts as well...I have personally visited most of it..all the places are great people are friendly...and if u need any help. Even in pakistan contact me at and I live in last thing if u visit pakistan even for u will forget switzerland...
  • The "guys" who are saying things about Pakistan are the Pakistani government the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Australian government Smart Traveller, the CIA,World Fact book, the German government and the Canadian government to name just a few who advise their citizens against non essential travel to Pakistan because of serious safety issues.

    There is no doubt that Pakistan has some beautiful and fascinating places to see, its simply not safe for foreigners.
  • hey im sure u got all this info about pakistan from media and u should knw that these days most of the things that median says are lies just 9/11 was an act done by the americans themselves just to attaak on afghanistan.....i dnt knw alethia if u have ever visited pakistan ur self but once u do u will see that people do watch white girls just because all the men like beautiful girls.....even when i see news about pakistan on bbc or cnn i it just doesnt seems to be pakistan....thats media....

  • Yes I have been to Pakistan on business with a bit of sightseeing.

    Please read my post again, it has  nothing to do with the media, the security warnings are issued by GOVERNMENTS including the Government of Pakistan. Please stop with the conspiracy theories, Pakistan  has been described as the " the most dangerous country in the world " by various government ministers.

    The Pakistan Interior Ministry in February 2014 labelled Islamabad as extremely dangerous.
  • Nothing is dangerous here in Pakistan...yes but now a days Karachi is facing some serious issues in some areas just because of failed management authorities, politics most of the politicians are involved to destroy Pakistan's peace. Overall situation of Pakistan is good or better than past.
    If you are saying about terrorism in Pakistan then I would like to clear you that now conditions are going better day by day and soon Pakistan will has peace.

    Ayaz Ahmad
  • Ayazahmed I can understand you defending your country and as a Pakistani living in your own country you probably do feel safe, but foreign nationals are NOT safe. 

    Pakistan is still considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world. I do wish you people would take off your rose tinted glasses.
  • Hello All,

    I am an Indian and I dont know why but want to visit Pakistan once. Maybe the diffrences we have between India and Pakistan. Just want to check that how safe will i be here because i am an Indian.
    Please Suugest...

  • Hi to all. I live in Sindh Pakistan, there is no danger in Sindh and Punjab any body can travel freely but even in karachi no risk for any tourist nowdays.u can enjoy ur holidays freely and pleasure. u dont worry For Sindh and Punjab. but I cant say something for other places.. some people said that Sindh is not safe they are wrong thinking peoples bcz they dont know about sindh and sindhis.there is much peace in sindh and sindhi peoples are loving peoples more than all Pakistani peoples.....
  • Sindh is NOT safe for foreigners. I am at a loss to understand why people write on here that Pakistan is a safe place. People don't make things up, foreign governments with intelligence of the country, urge their citizens not to travel to Pakistan. So all these governments make up this information? Of course not. Most people would heed their governments travel warnings than some person who posts nonsense on a website.
  • I'm curious as well, I met this paki man on Fb, we've since grew very fond of each other,and he wants me to travel to Pakistan to marry him in Lahore.Hes a senior police officer there,and reassures me I will be safe,I am a white blonde female and not Muslim ,(he is Muslim)I worry of getting kidnapped from the things I've read . However I want to go so bad.. Please help
  • Please be careful,not just travelling to Lahore alone but because of the following.

    1. Pakistan is a very conservative country and it is unusual for Pakistani men to marry foreign non Muslim women. Although it is allowed in Islam for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman. It is unusual for Pakistani men to marry foreign women in Pakistan.

    2. Pakistani's live with their extended family of parents, siblings, children and grandparents in the same house. Even a grown man will not go against his family, so does the family know about you? Do they accept you?

    3. If this man is a senior police officer, its highly likely he is married. In Pakistan men can legally marry four wives. A Muslim is not supposed to have sexual intercourse until they marry,so your man may want to marry you just to sleep with you. 

    4. You are going to a country where you cannot understand the language ,where an Imam can be bought in at a few minutes notice to perform a Nikah, (wedding) which is conducted in Urdu and you may not even be given a marriage certificate.

    5. If you marry, your husband may try to make you become a Muslim and if you do change religion your life will completely change. You cannot be forced to change your religion but believe me it happens.

    You need to think a lot more before you embark on a trip to Pakistan and marriage.

    By the way in the UK the term "Paki" is considered to be derogatory and racist.

  • Oh I'm so sorry he calls himself paki , I didn't know, thank you for your advise and wisdom. I really appreciate it.

    Sincerely ,
  • If you are going to just visit that place. then it is fine. But not for living.
    as you know right now what's going on in India & Pakistan, on political issues all are messing with each other. so keep this in you mind & take decision.
  • Alethia why are you scaring people i think you probably had a very nasty experience with the country. Im guessing a normal person or a happily married women forced into wearing a hijab by her husband. If this chick was to dress up like you then yes she is safe. But if she lifts up her skirt then yeah you may feel a pinch or two.

    Lady Pakistan is a great place, but do me a favour stick with your own kind for marriage, this dude will ruin your life trust me its not worth it.  

  • Hi 78hheather. How long have you been communicating with this man? Do you speak over the phone or is it just messages on Fb. Please be very careful. You will meet him before arranging to marry wont you? Please dont take this wrong as I myself is in a happy relationship and we met through Facebook. We met this year after hours and hours of skyping for months and months. I also had a friend lucky living close to where I met him. I am so glad I took the chance. I would still advise to be careful. I know nothing about pakistan. Good luck
  • Alenthia did you ever been here in Pakistan?
    Or you ever talked to those who did visit Pakistan?
    I am Pakistani and I see there are lot of foreign people here in Lahore, Islamabad and some other cities in shopping mall, markets, restaurants and also walking on roadsides so now tell me why they are here...going at public places....walking on roadsides ?
    Yes to defend my own country is my right but I am telling here true......
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    I have said on this forum that I have been to Pakistan. As an immigration lawyer I have had many Pakistani clients. In my company there are British Pakistani employees and I have Pakistani friends, so I am not biased against Pakistan. You simply need to take off your rose tinted glasses.

    Sammyboi you made me laugh, no one has forced me into wearing a hijab !

    This is what happens in Pakistan, they stone innocent women to death and no one stops them, not even the police

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    Hi all. I am asian male (Japanese, to be exact) and speak English fluently. I would love to travel to Pakistan. I have read this threads and if you are american or euro white, you need to be extra cautious, i get that. but what about a Japanese guy ? would it be still dangerous ? thanks !
  • Apparently there is a Japanese community of about a thousand  expatriate people living in Pakistan.There is a Japanese school in Karachi attached to the Consulate General of Japan and a Japanese language centre in Lahore.

    According to Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than 20,000 Japanese tourists visited Pakistan between 2007 and 2008, They came in groups mostly to see the ancient Buddhist sites. Unfortunately there were no Japanese tourist figures after 2008 because most of the Buddhist sites are in very dangerous areas of Pakistan so many governments have advised against travel to these places.
    The region known as Pakistan once had a large Buddhist population and many structures in antiquity. 

    It seems if you stick to the travel guidelines and stay safe you will be fine in Pakistan.

    Just a little bit of random information Akira Yamamura the former General Manager of Mitsubishi Pakistan was awarded the Sitara - e - Pakistan  (Star of Pakistan) a very high civilian award given by the government of Pakistan,in recognition of promoting,economic social and welfare activities in Pakistan. Quite an honour.
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    If Pakistan follow Islamic rules then there wouldn't be any issue like Alethia told about stoned death of female.....Islamic rules are very simple to follow but if you go against Islam then you will find most worst punishment.............if you are a Muslim then.......and if you are not a Muslim then Islamic rules are not implemented on you........

    but here we are discussing on the issue of traveling Pakistan.
    as I told before that yes some areas are suffering from terrorism but now the situation of Pakistan is going better than don't need to get worry and yes if you avoid bullying people of Pakistan then nothing will be happened with foreigner tourists as all nations have their respect.
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