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from Georgia working in Egypt

edited April 2014 in - Egypt
Man my friend met on He said he was from Georgia. About two weeks later he said he got a huge contract from Egypt. It was for five million us dollars. He sent my friend the contracts that could have easily been made up. I told her she was being scammed. I mean why would anyone that you havent met send you a contract!!!! He also sent her roses. Now she has just been talking to this man for 3 weeks and he is talking marriage!

After three weeks of emailing and texting he is now is in Egypt working. He says he is an engineer. This week he is sending her a  30,000 check to hold for him, he says! I just know she is being scammed. Her husband died and left her 150,000. She said she didn't tell the scammer about it. I'm just so worried about her. I have voiced my concerns to her but she is head over heels about him.

Can anyone tell me how to find out about if he is a scammer or not? I checked the records and there is a H---y T----- that lives in Canton Ga and the address is where he says his house is. Please help! I know that it is a scam, but how can I get the information to prove it to her.


  • This is 100% a scam . Please look at the stories on here

    Everything you have described reeks of a scammer look at the story on the thread I have posted about the man who claimed he had a contract it was absolutely fake.

    Why would the Egyptian government who are in the middle of a major democratic upheaval award a contract to a foreign single person rather than a major Arab company.

    Can you get hold of the contract so we can see it? Get your friend away from this man asap.
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