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Best caribbean island for honeymoon

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I am looking for a good honeymoon destination in the Caribbean. Looking for somewhere very relaxed and not too built up, fantastic beaches, some good restaurants and small boutiquey hotel. I havnt been before so can anyone recommend the best caribbean island for honeymoon? Seems lots of choice, but they also seem a bit different. it would be really useful to get some first-hand advice on the best place to go!!


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    Try St Barts, its the only island in the Caribbean I have been to, but it was magnificant. Its obscenely expensive, but the beaches are lovely and the food is wonderful and its French history is evident everywhere. The two best beaches are Gouverneur and Grande Saline. If you're into diving you find St Barts a good choice too, it has some of the best diving in the Caribbean. It is definately a good choice for an idle honeymoon destination.
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    Hi Suzie, you could try a honeymoon in Cuba. It's a caribbean island with a real difference and a genuine romantic quality about it. I love the island, and it certainly has a good range of charming boutique hotels and some stunning beaches. Try for some ideas.
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    Hi Suzy,

    fantastic beaches, some good restaurants and small boutiquey hotel, well Curacao has all that and more. Aruba for example is way too crowded and Americanized for my taste. Anguilla is aimed at the high-end tourist. Bonaire is way too small, and known for its faboulous diving sites. Curacao on the other hand is more diverse and more of a combination of cosmopolitan atmosphere meets Caribbean charm. I would recommend you the 5 star Kura Hulanda Lodge at the westcoast which is a renowned romantic destination.
    Good luck searching!
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    Hi Suzy,

    fantastic beaches, some good restaurants and small boutiquey hotel, well Curacao has all that and more. Aruba for example is way too crowded and Americanized for my taste. Anguilla is aimed at the high-end tourist. Bonaire is way too small, and known for its faboulous diving sites. Curacao on the other hand is more diverse and more of a combination of cosmopolitan atmosphere meets Caribbean charm. I would recommend you the 5 star Kura Hulanda Lodge at the westcoast which is a renowned romantic destination. Good luck searching for your perfect caribbean island for honeymoon!
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    The best place I have found is in the Dominican Republic .. go to the North Shore the atlantic side is much more relaxed , Hotels are nice ... everything all inclusive and they treat you like royality and have free shows every night . casino and secure gated and guarded sites , found it very inexpensive compared to most other places ... check it out ... Luperon was my favorite but also Porta plata is ok
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    Try Island of Sark in Republic of Sark. Top hotels, great food at very low cost, about $37 USD per day with a free day for every 2 paid days. Bike rental is included, $200 in gaming chips and 2 free T shirts for every day of stay.
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    I am a South African citizen living in the US and have a green card. I am getting married and looking for a place to go on honeymoon that will accept a temporary South African passport. It takes 6 months to get a regular SA passport so I applied for a temporary one and some countries don't accept those. I really wanted to go to Curacao but they don't allow temporary passports. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Try St Lucia and while there visit Skeeterz Rum Bar in the south, around the airport in Vieux Fort. Also, there's a Friday night festival in Gros Islet on the north side of Castries
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    I'm going to suggest scenic St Lucia or Grenada, where the Calabash Hotel is a good choice for a honeymoon. I am also a big fan of Tobago with its stunning beaches and amazing diving. You should also think about a honeymoon in Mexico where there are some very good reasonably priced luxury resorts. Anothe option is a honeymoon combining the excitement of Miami with the lovely beaches of The Bahamas. Check the climate pages of before booking any trip, and think carefully about heading to The Caribbean between August and October, when hurricanes are a risk.

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    I would recommend the Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados as some of the finest locations for a honeymoon in the Caribbean. All offer supurb beaches with white sand and the clearest blue water. Obviously it depends what you're looking for as an indiviual but all of these locations offer luxury that you could only dream of!
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    Hi Suzie;
    Congratulations on your weeding , you should go to Dominican Republic, i can recommend going to Punta cana, to the sanctuary hotel , is an all inclusive hotel only for adults. if you want i can send you a deal for a week in paradise.
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    Well, you certainly have received lots of advice! But not knowing your budget, and the time of the year you want to travel, would highly suggest visiting a travel agency in person, picking up some brochures and getting an idea that will help narrow down your selections.

    If everything else fails, a cruise that stops at several Caribbean islands is a great way to get a good snapshot of that part of the world and still enjoy a fabulous honeymoon.

    Good luck!

    Lilliam Larsen
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    I can highly recommend Grenada. I had my wedding and honeymoon there in Nov 2008 and it was fabulous. SPICE ISLAND Resort on the Grand Anse beach is superb and special if you want to pay that bit extra ....and the COYABA Beach Resort just a short walk further up the beach is less expensive and fabulous too. Good luck with your choice and enjoy wherever you go
    :) Jan & Paul
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    The best place I found for honeymoon is Da lat – Vietnam, where is peaceful and romantic city with wonderful atmosphere and beautiful landscape and with cool weather from years to years, Dalat becomes the familiar honeymoon spot and the most wanted destination of couples. There are many places for you to go on walk at night: Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat Market. And some place that you should explore: Dalat train station, Lang Biang Mountain, aka Valley of Love,.. If you go in Dec, you will attend Dalat Flower Festival, they perform all kind of flowers across street, that’s very wonderful!!

    If you like beach, I’d like to recommend to Phuket or Cook Island and St. Kitts, Antigua Islands, St. Lucia. There are almost beautiful islands with crystal water and romantic atmosphere. Beside you will be interesting with many things to explore: experience fine dining, great shopping, and a thriving nightlife scene, beach activities…
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    Try Riu Ocho Rios hotel in Jamaica

    Great hotel and fantastic beach
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    Alti has made a good comment Riu Ocho Rios hotel in Jamaica, it also has a small naturist island with it and perfect for a honeymoon. Tates I am also South African and Jamacia has been one of our best holidays in the last 10 years.
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    hi there!

    I am also from SA but worked on board cruise ships for a while and traveled through the Caribbean for many months. ok, there are amazing places on every island, but not all of them will be cut out for the typical honeymoon. I absolutely loved barbados, st maarten and st croix, but they are both pretty americanised and built. although, its really safe and relatively cheep. st maarten is a little bit more interesting than the other two because of its dutch/french backgrounds though. this is very touristy all year round since its an amazing place for duty free shopping. st croix though, does have really amazing places where tourists dont often come. taking a bike ride all over the island is great.

    I also loved dominica (not the republic of dominica) for its amazing mountains with hot sulfur springs and some of the best diving spots ever. they have the amazing champainge coral and its really something to experience. in dominica though, the people are generally rude and its almost like a township in most towns. even with all that, its still one of the places i want to go back to.

    Ive heard of nice places (resorts) in st Lucia but honestly never saw anything amazing compared to other islands. i also really did not enjoy trinidad or tobago. this is much more like a township as the towns are filthy. they do have great beaches on one side of the island though.

    I adore puerto rico, the people are amazing, they have stunning beaches and great forests to see. it will be very easy for you to go there on your greencard. ive been to a few islands around the main island and each time it was a time ill never forget, hotels are easy to find and is inexpensive. there are loads and aloads of things to do. Depending on where you come from in SA, i always felt like im home when i was walking around in 'old san juan'.

    oh, Antigua , the most amazing blue waters, very laid back vibe. generally safe and cheap. there are loads of things to do as well and if you move just out of the large towns the scenery becomes amazing.

    Guadalupe (not sure about spelling) is very very dangerous, i did enjoy the architecture and so on but we had horrid stories of people being robbed and even the people from the city self would stop their cars and tell us (in french) that we should hide our camera's and bags etc. so even though it is beautiful ,i wont suggest it really.

    uhm ,i have been to more places but these were the ones to stand out id say...if you need any more advice, feel free to contact me!
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    Ahhh, everywhere is beautiful! I would recommend the Dominican Republic or Barbados. Absolutely gorgeous, you'll have a blast no matter where you end up though. Congratulations and have fun!
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    The Bahamas is a great place to go for a honeymoon. Their are alot of exiting things to do no matter what your hobbies or likes are. Be sure to visit the capital city Nassau where the famous Straw Market, Fish Fry at Arawak Cay and the great Atlantis at Paradise Island are located. In addition, to the capital city there are more 10 other develop islands in the Bahamas with crystal clear beaches and the most golden sun and the friendliest people u can find in the whole wide world. There is absolutly no place like the Bahamas... I lu my country.
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    Sorry does anyone know, can you travel to the bahamas on a temporary south african passport?
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    A temporary passport should be accepted, but it's a good idea to contact the embassy and find out for sure, as things can change without notice.
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    Is us virgin a good spot for honeymoon?
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    The Caribbean presents the ultimate escape for couples; in fact, it is ranked as one of the most popular destinations for honeymoons in the world! St. Martin and St. Maarten, Barbados and Cayman Islands are the best island for honeymoon couples.
  • I would recommend Aruba as the best honeymoon destination. I love this place. When I was in Aruba I saw many couples around enjoying their honeymoon. I love Aruba and will definitely take my wife to Aruba for honeymoon.

  • I would recommend the Curacao island. It's a nice place with a lot of attractions and places you can have fun. When I was there I made a video about my vacation in Curacao so that everybody can see what this island has to offer. You can view the clip here:
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    Hi Suzy! 
    I recommend you Antigua, I spent my honeymoon there and it was perfect. Beach, sun, sea... and our hotel was very nice, they gave us champagne and there was rose petals on our bed. It was so romantic! You can look at some hotels on discavo, we used this website to find our hotel, it makes life easier!
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    I recommend the Curacao island. It's a beautiful place where you can have your own dream vacation. It's a great place where you can have a great honeymoon. Take care and have a great day!
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