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Visa requirements for Singapore?

edited September 2013 in - Singapore
Hi the forum! Is it true that no visa is required for Singapore? I have heard that touristic passes are granted on arrival but how long are these valid for? And does Singapore enforce the six months validity on passports rule? Any advice appreciated.


  • Hi Kahlan,
    What country are you from? Tourist visas are awarded at the airport for Singapore, as you had heard, but the length of stay allowed does vary according to nationality. For instance, US citizens can stay for up to 90 days, whereas Canadians and Australians can stay for up to 30 days. Stays can be extended but for a price. Singapore does indeed enforce the six month validity rule. If you let me know where you're from I can give you more specific advice...
  • Hi

    I am holding an Indian Passport , but residing in Ghana, would like to visit Singapore in July for four days 21st to 25th. Kindly advise on the visa requirement. We don't have Singapore embassy in Ghana. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
  • Only 33 countries need visas for Singapore and Pakistan is not on that list. You should be granted 30 days upon arrival and Singapore do require 6 months passport validity
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