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Passport validity questions



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    hi there i want to know,my passport is expiring on 30th december while i m at student visa in uk recent visa will be expired by 30th May,i think one must have six months valid passport to apply for visa extension i will apply in mid of April,can you tell me ,am i right about validity and how much it will cost me to transfer my visa in future to new passport?
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    hello dear.
    i want to ask that my cousin is in Oman on a working visa he has a pakistani passport and his passport has expired in the month of march now he wants to renew it so what is the easiest way for renewing it while living in Oman
  • Hi there my visa is post study work which will expire im September, less than six months.i want to visit my sister in norway in june,will i still be eligible to visit her if i have invitation? And another question, if ill be able to return back here in uk with my visa..
  • Hi,

    I am Canadian and about to apply for a Youth Scheme Mobility visa for the UK. My passport would expire shortly after the 2 year visa allowance (2-3 months after). I've been doing some research and I think I should be okay and not get rejected when I apply as long as my passport is valid for the duration of my visa. Can someone please confirm this for me?

    Thank you!
  • Hi i live in the uk I go to Spain on the 5 July and my passport runs out on the 10th October will o b ok to travel with it.
  • Plz any one can helf to me.I'm her in Dubai and I'm going back to Philippes on this February 16 2014and my passport will be expired on may 20 2014 I can exit to Dubai and go back to Philippes with out any problema in imegration her in dubai.thank
  • Hi again, I replied to your other post, but I see you have been clearer about the dates here: you should be absolutely fine getting out of Dubai. If they let you in on that passport they will let you out.
  • Thank miss Ella Johnson for clearing my doubts to my mine
  • I've just been granted a subclass 651 visa to visit family in Australia, it asked for my current address which is different to the address I was at when I got my passport, my mother still lives at that address but I don't. Does this affect my visa? Will I still gain entrance to Australia with my visa been one address and passport been another address. All passport details I.e passport number, names, issue number all the same as visa.
  • Your address is irrelevant and has no bearing on your visa. Do you really think immigration officers will check your address history , of course not they have better things to do
  • I have entered Brazil on my Australian passport and now my visa is coming to an end and I don't want to go home. Am I able to leave Brazil for a day or 2 and re enter on my British passport for another 6 months?
  • You can extend your present visa for a further 90 days at the office of the Federal Police .
    British passport holders are granted 90 days upon arrival not 6 months. Yes you can go out and comeback.
  • Thanks Alethia, I have already extended my visa associated with my Australian passport for a further 90 days, so I cannot do that. I have read in other posts that I have to leave once 180 days stay is up and then I have to wait 180 days before I can re enter Brazil again. This is why I asked if I could leave for 1 or 2 days and then re enter on my British passport. Do the same rules of waiting 180 days before re entering apply if I carry 2 passports?
  • having looked at the Brazil immigration rules, you do not have a waiting period of 6 months as you are using a different passport from a different country. It is completely legal to be a dual citizen and to travel on the different passports. it seems most people doing this go to Paraguay and then return to Brazil. Happy travels.
  • You just made my day, thanks for your help!!!
  • Make sure to renew your passport before it get expired and try to renew it at least 3 months beforehand to avoid any issue.

  • Help!,
    We are due to travel in 6 days and just found out my husband's passport expired 5 days ago. He is a French national and we are traveling from usa to Spain for 25 days to visit family. The French have denied is an emergency passport, so I'm desperately looking for anyway for him to travel. I can go alone but I have severe anxiety and am a 3 year cancer survivor and do not have all my strength :-(. Any help anyone can give is appreciated!
  • Your husband cannot travel anywhere without a passport. I suggest you cancel your trip until your husband has a new passport. This should be a lesson to everyone, do not book a trip until you have checked your passport and any visa are valid.
  • Alethia is right. You can either go alone or postpone your trip and pay the associated penalties.
  • I'm going to New Zealand on the 26th July 2014 and have an overnight transit in Hong Kong on the way there and on the way back on August 20th 2014 and my passport expires at the end of January 2015, which means that my passport is just short of being valid for 6 months on the way back, do you think this would be a problem? or would it be safer for me to renew my passport before going?
  • Where are you from NZ69? Your passport validity situation is dependent on your nationality.
  • Hi Ella. I have a British passport.
  • Hi again, 
    Having looked at the official requirements you should be fine with only one months passport validity after intended stay in both New Zealand and Hong Kong. Although it is generally better to have the full six months, you should get away with it. Probably best to check with the relevant embassies just for peace of mind.
  • Thank you very much, that's very helpful to know.
  • I have a childs passport that is valid until november this year and Im 19 would I still be able to use it in august this year to travel to spain or would I have to renew it??
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    You were a child when your present passport was issued but you are now an adult. Also and more importantly you do not have six months validity on your child's passport to enter Spain.So you now need to apply for an adult passport
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