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First Schengen Visa Entry

Hi, I got my first Schengen Visa from German Embassy as i was planning to go there for 5 days, but for some reasons i couldn't travel and my visa is still applicable. My question is : now I am planning to go to Greece for Holiday, can i use the same visa i got from German embassy? p.s. it is my first time to go to Europe.


  • You should be able to enter any country in the Schengen area when you hold a Schengen visa no matter where the visa was issued.
  • Hi Alethia, Thank you for your comment! However i heard that if you are going for the first time to Europe, you need to visit the country from where you got your visa, is it possibly true? I am actually scared to go to Greece and have problems at the airport.
  • Hi Karennn, 
    Alethia is right. Technically you should always get your Schengen visa from the country where you are either entering first or spending the longest time, but once your visa has been awarded it applies for the whole Schengen area and you shouldn't have any problems. I have never heard of there being any 'extra' rules for first-timers. So long as your passport is valid for the required amount of time after your trip and you have an onward plane ticket and enough money for your stay they shouldn't give you any trouble.
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