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Visa Requirements for Malaysia

edited December 2014 in - Malaysia
i am having an Egyptian passport ,i will stay i Malaysia for about 6 weeks ,it is like a social visit for discovering the Malaysian culture,i will be staying at a friend's house ,all i want to know is  what should i tell people in the airport for my stay and if i told them it is a social visit would it be enough?!,


  • Egyptian nationals don't need a visa for Malaysia for visits of up to 3 months. You will need to prove that you have enough cash to fund your stay, as well as a return ticket. You should probably also carry a letter from your friend confirming that you will be staying with him/her.
  • so how much cash is needed ?!
  • You need about 50 US Dollars per day that is approximately 160 Malaysian Ringgitt. if you are staying free of charge with friends and do not need to buy food etc. You do not need cash you can have credit cards or debit cards with sufficient money.
  • yes i am staying with a friend ,so just a debit card is enough or i have to bring a bank statement.
  • You may not need it, but just in case they ask you can show you have the money in your bank by your bank statement. A letter of invitation from your friend explaining you will be their guest, you may have no problem at all at the Malaysian immigration, but better to be safe than sorry.
  • thank you very much :)
  • alethia please tell how much is the fine for over stayed for 10 months in malaysia 
  • The fine is RM30 for each DAY you overstay and you run the risk of imprisonment,
  • and a follow up question on that aswell,if i've put in on the application for visit visa il be staying only for 2wks,and if granted is it ok to come back home after a month? when im about to go home,will the border agency question me if why i stayed for a month instead of 2wks as stated on the app form?:-)
  • I think that would be a good idea
  • Kayee, you will be granted a visa valid for six months so as long as you do not overstay the six months, you can stay more than the two weeks on your application.
  • ok wow!good thanks so much for your insight..another question if you dont mind? hehe

    il have readily available cash on my savings for around £650 (for a 2wk travel) but i have fixed account of around £1700,will they accept the fixed account as my savings? or should i state on the space provided on the application form that when i get approved of the visa,i can take out the fixed account and have it transferred to my savings account?so i dont have to put more money in my savings for the mean time? :D
  • Just show both your bank accounts with the documents you send to the British Embassy. There should be no need to transfer the money,

    Your friends who are paying for your travel and accommodation will need to show they have sufficient funds by providing original bank statements and proof of where they reside such as a utility or council tax bill.
    This is not insight I am a British immigration and human rights lawyer, who deals with this work everyday.

  • thanks for all the info,appreciate it,i now have a peace of mind,this forum is really a big help especially for first timers like me hehe
  • Hi,

    I am having Valid Malaysia visa in my old passport which expires on 25th Feb 2015 and cancelled old passport. Now i am holding a new passport whether i can travel to Malaysia by visa in my old passport. I am residing in India.
  • edited December 2014
    It often happens that a visa is still valid when a passport expires.Just because your passport has expired does not mean you cannot travel. You go with the old and new passports presenting both to the immigration authorities upon arrival.
  • Dear Jensen,

    Once again thank you for the huge useless Cut & Paste post that tries to answer a question that no one has asked.

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