Is travel in Nigeria safe for women?



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    I got job offer from kawararafa university, wukari, taraba state. friend I want to ask you, how is place for family living. I am asking about safety and security. your reply is valuable.
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    If I take a UN job in Abuja, in general how safe is it for UN workers?
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    Hi Nil,

    I have not heard of any university in Nigeria with and the name you mentioned, this might be a scam. Foreigners with white skin are advised to stay off Northern Nigeria at the moment, it is not so safe.

  • Generally I will tell you all that nigeria is a safe place, not every where is bad in nigeria, so as in other country, if you are having job offers in nigeria, ensure it is well clarified so as to avoid scam. please if you need information about part or states in nigeria you could email me :, or call :+2348066238425.I will be happy to give you the assistance you desire.
  • Hello I am new to this forum.  I have been offered a job in the security field with Seplat Petroleum.  They are offering 17000 a month. along with benefits. Can anyone give me some insight into this company and if it is a safe place to work.  I haven't signed the contract yet.  I need so info.

  • Abutcher, I would like to know how you got the job offer in order to avoid being scam, do you know the location of the company, so I could help u do further research about the said company.
  • Hi,

    Please let me know about the company "Orange Drugs Limited' [Subsidiary of Orange Group Limited] in Lagos,Nigeria.


  • gayakwadpm, not sure what sort of information you need but here is the Orange Drugs Ltd web page with the history of orange drugs
  • Do American Contracted workers live in something called GRA when they go over tbere to work? If so? WHAT EXACTLY IS GRA AND IS A HOUSE OR APTS?
  • GRA is an acronym for Government Reserved Area. Theses are usually the areas where the company housing compounds and private housing complexes are located.
  • Are paying guest accomodations with indian families available in Abuja. If yes, where to find them.
  • I have friend Nigeria he is trying to leave the country an they r telling him he needs a BTA is that true what i have being reading its a scam if everyone knows what to do an to talk. To me let me know thanks he has been away from his boys to long
  • BTA stands for Basic Travel Allowance. BTA is NOT in effect in any country in the world, the man is highly likely a scammer, if he requires money for BTA.

    BTA is sometime known as PTA Personal Travel Allowance also a scammers device to obtain money
    This man probably has no children, does not look at all like the photos you have and has no intention of leaving Nigeria as long as he can scam money off foolish women.

  • I am a single white woman and I am invited to visit a friend in Ilorin but I have to know if it safe for me to go there?
    Is there something special I have to take care of if I go there? Security or something like that.

  • Imh how well do you know your friend? Have you met your friend or is it an invite from someone on line?
    Your safety is paramount and Nigeria can be a very dangerous place for any one but especially for a lone woman.
    It is not safe to travel anywhere alone and definitely not at night read what the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have to say.

  •   yes Nigeria is perfectly safe for women to travel even if they are not alone.
  • Hi.My boyfriend is from Benin City and we will visit Benin city in summer,but I'm a little nervous about it.
    Can anybody tell me some info based on their own personal experience. Thanks

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    Bigi7 have you heard of Boko Haram? The terrorist organisation who have recently kidnapped 200 school girls.
    and this is what the British government has to say.

    I also showed my colleague, a Nigerian woman your post and she was appalled that you would even consider travelling to Nigeria. she also asked how well you knew your boyfriend. There are cases were the so called boyfriend is really nice but his real self comes out in Nigeria and some women have even disappeared.

    In my life I have travelled to many places but I always put my safety first. they say love is blind but in your case it appears you  may also be deaf and dumb

  • Hi Alethia,

    Thanks for your answer. My boyfriend and I are over 10 years together. I am only worriing about the situation in Nigeria. We bought our tickets already, but i am still worried.

  • Hello,

    I'm Sabitha Venkates from India. I got an offer from Shell Petroleum Development Company, Logas, Nigeria with decent salary($ 7500 /mo) package. I'll be provided accommodation in the company's staff quarters. What I want to know is, how safe is Logas, Nigeria, as I'm hearing a lot of conflicting crimes a day and day. As a single women, is it safe to be alone and to stay for 2 years in series? I hope to hear the genuine reply, to overcome from my confusion state. Thanks in advance.
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    Why are you asking questions here? Shell Petroleum has been working in Nigeria since 1937 so surely they are better qualified to advise you than anyone on this forum.
    Shell pay highly competitive salaries to make it attractive to work in difficult conditions. Are Shell paying employees $7500 a month to sit in Delhi or Mumbai or course not.
    Shell staff have been kidnapped in Nigeria and the Delta region is very dangerous.
    Shell human resources can answer all your questions and they are best qualified to do so. Good luck in the future
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    I have got an offer in Abuja-Nigeria for a period of 2 years contract(extendable) for a government project. I have been offered below;

    Salary- USD 1200 per month +India Salary
    Sharing accodomation
  • Hello,

    I am a Muslim  young women and I will travel to Ibadan, is it safe to live there? how to reach there from abroad?


  • Hi Sam81,
    Look, Ibadan is Nigeria's third largest city and is located in the southwest, not far from Lagos. It is a 'safe' city by Nigerian standards, in that the international travel warnings are less serious in this region than in the north and extreme south. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable telling any woman travelling alone that any city in Nigeria is safe at the moment. Please do some thorough research about the situation in Nigeria currently and the city specifically before making your decision. It is not an easy country to travel in or live in as a foreign woman.
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