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Is travel in Nigeria safe for women?



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    Why are you asking questions here? Shell Petroleum has been working in Nigeria since 1937 so surely they are better qualified to advise you than anyone on this forum.
    Shell pay highly competitive salaries to make it attractive to work in difficult conditions. Are Shell paying employees $7500 a month to sit in Delhi or Mumbai or course not.
    Shell staff have been kidnapped in Nigeria and the Delta region is very dangerous.
    Shell human resources can answer all your questions and they are best qualified to do so. Good luck in the future
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    I have got an offer in Abuja-Nigeria for a period of 2 years contract(extendable) for a government project. I have been offered below;

    Salary- USD 1200 per month +India Salary
    Sharing accodomation
  • Hello,

    I am a Muslim  young women and I will travel to Ibadan, is it safe to live there? how to reach there from abroad?


  • Hi Sam81,
    Look, Ibadan is Nigeria's third largest city and is located in the southwest, not far from Lagos. It is a 'safe' city by Nigerian standards, in that the international travel warnings are less serious in this region than in the north and extreme south. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable telling any woman travelling alone that any city in Nigeria is safe at the moment. Please do some thorough research about the situation in Nigeria currently and the city specifically before making your decision. It is not an easy country to travel in or live in as a foreign woman.
  • Hi any body can say , Is it safe to go Nigeria for job ?
  • Your question makes no sense, it's impossible to answer.

    You give no clue of your nationality, who hired you, what your job is, etc.

    Do LOTS of research.

    Good luck.

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