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Passport Validity questions for travelling to Australia



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    Iam lekshmy.the expiry of my visa is only 15 days and iam here in tourist i would like to renew my passport,the expiry is 20/3/2013.If i want to renew my passport what will i do.For renwel, how many days visa validity should i have?
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    I am travelling from ireland and wondering if my passport needs to be 6 months in date for travelling to perth.
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    I am planning on going to Australia in April 2012 from the USA. My passport expires in September 2013. Do I have to get a new passport and do I need a visitor visa? If so how do I obtain the visa?
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    You do need a visa, and can get one through the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. More info is available on the Australia embassy website.
  • Hi,

    Im Malaysian and currently working holiday at New Zealand. My working holiday will finished on 24/7/2014, but my passport expired date on 2 September 2014.In my case, it let said I'm plan 25/7/2014 from New Zealand flight back to Malaysia, since New Zealand directly flight back to Malaysia very expensive, so i plan from New Zealand flight to Australia, after that from Australia flight back to Malaysia, this method will more economic for me. But my passport validity less than 6 month as i mention.In Conclusion,possible from New Zealand entry to Australia and depart from Australia flight back to Malaysia? Please give me appreciated advice.Thank You
  • As you will not be entering Australia, you are only transiting through the airport you do not require six months on your passport.
  • Hello! I will be traveling to Melbourne from Mexico City on July 26, 2014. I already have a valid visa to enter Australia, but my passport is about to expire. My visa was issued electronically so I would like to know if I renew my passport before traveling (After Australia I will fly to Indonesia which has a 6 month validity requirement on passports) will my visa will still ve valid for the new passport? Thank you!
  • Hi there,
    I would advise checking with your local embassy just to be on the safe side, but I can tell you from personal and professional experience that generally countries have no problem accepting a valid visa in an expired passport, so long as you have a new valid passport as well. Still, as every country is different, it is definitely worth checking with the Australian and Indonesian embassies. Enjoy!
  • Hello my respected everyone,
    i have little confusion about Australia visa application form , Actually i am medical student in abroad my nationality is pakistani,i wanna apply for Australian tourist visa from china my passport is valid but resident visa is about five month remaining according end of time but someone told me Australian embassy should be need 6 month resident visa according to the current location please someone clarify me about this circumstance because Australian embassy couldn't show this information on this embassy page for foreign national ,i will be wait your all warm feedback , thank you
  • @ADNAN1234
    It is your passport that must have more than six months validity not your Chinese residence permit.
    However your residence permit is only 5 months and this could have an impact on the length of time you are granted on the visa.

    Websites do not give all the information you require
  • im flying to australia tomorrow, but my passport will expire on nov. 25, 2017, my visa will expire on aug 7, 2017. what will i do? do i need to renew my passport first? if so, what about the passport number which is already in my visa, any advice please, thank you.
  • To begin, your question is meaningless when you don't mention your nationality.

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