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Passport Validity questions for travelling to Australia



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    Iam lekshmy.the expiry of my visa is only 15 days and iam here in tourist i would like to renew my passport,the expiry is 20/3/2013.If i want to renew my passport what will i do.For renwel, how many days visa validity should i have?
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    I am travelling from ireland and wondering if my passport needs to be 6 months in date for travelling to perth.
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    I am planning on going to Australia in April 2012 from the USA. My passport expires in September 2013. Do I have to get a new passport and do I need a visitor visa? If so how do I obtain the visa?
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    You do need a visa, and can get one through the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. More info is available on the Australia embassy website.
  • Hi,

    Im Malaysian and currently working holiday at New Zealand. My working holiday will finished on 24/7/2014, but my passport expired date on 2 September 2014.In my case, it let said I'm plan 25/7/2014 from New Zealand flight back to Malaysia, since New Zealand directly flight back to Malaysia very expensive, so i plan from New Zealand flight to Australia, after that from Australia flight back to Malaysia, this method will more economic for me. But my passport validity less than 6 month as i mention.In Conclusion,possible from New Zealand entry to Australia and depart from Australia flight back to Malaysia? Please give me appreciated advice.Thank You
  • As you will not be entering Australia, you are only transiting through the airport you do not require six months on your passport.
  • Hello! I will be traveling to Melbourne from Mexico City on July 26, 2014. I already have a valid visa to enter Australia, but my passport is about to expire. My visa was issued electronically so I would like to know if I renew my passport before traveling (After Australia I will fly to Indonesia which has a 6 month validity requirement on passports) will my visa will still ve valid for the new passport? Thank you!
  • Hi there,
    I would advise checking with your local embassy just to be on the safe side, but I can tell you from personal and professional experience that generally countries have no problem accepting a valid visa in an expired passport, so long as you have a new valid passport as well. Still, as every country is different, it is definitely worth checking with the Australian and Indonesian embassies. Enjoy!
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