Passport validity questions



  • Where are you from NZ69? Your passport validity situation is dependent on your nationality.
  • Hi Ella. I have a British passport.
  • Hi again, 
    Having looked at the official requirements you should be fine with only one months passport validity after intended stay in both New Zealand and Hong Kong. Although it is generally better to have the full six months, you should get away with it. Probably best to check with the relevant embassies just for peace of mind.
  • Thank you very much, that's very helpful to know.
  • I have a childs passport that is valid until november this year and Im 19 would I still be able to use it in august this year to travel to spain or would I have to renew it??
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    You were a child when your present passport was issued but you are now an adult. Also and more importantly you do not have six months validity on your child's passport to enter Spain.So you now need to apply for an adult passport
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