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Transportation from Copenhagen to the cruise ship port. Also from Rotterdam port to Amsterdam

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In June my family will fly to Copehagen and will require transportation from a downtown hotel to the crusise ship port. The curise will end at Rotterdam, so will also require transport to our hotel in Amsterdam. Any information on the type of service available and the cost would be appreciated.

These transfers, if arranged by the cruise line, are $100 USD per person which seems excessive. I hoping for local train or bus service at a reasonable fare.

Any recommendations on hotels in downtown Copenhagen and Amsterdam, centrally located, and around $100 USD per night will also be welcome.



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    if the green back is no problem ask your cruise ship agent to arrange,a shuttle and orchaurffer driven shuttle at a luxury cost.
    if adventurous and ready to explore use the reliable rail or bus transport which is really fairly priced.
    hotel rates in the region of $100 is good.
    happy safari
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    Public transport in the Netherlands is very good, trains running at least every 30 minutes between Rotterdam and Amsterdam during the day (every 15 minutes during rush hour) and hourly throughout the night. PT in the cities is really extensive as well. Taxi's are expensive and taxi drivers are not used to be hired for long rides, since the perfect PT system. More info and travel advice (in English) on (site of the Dutch railways). For a complete free PT travel advice (from address to address) in English, use, or call 0900-9292 upon arrival in the Netherlands.

    Good luck!
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    We are doing the opposite cruise as you...We start in Rotterdam and end in Copenhagen. We have two small children, so we have made arrangements for some transfers. From AMS to our apartment we have made arrangements with They are charging 37.50 Euro for the four of us including luggage (6% tax inclusive). We will take the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Someone already gave you that website. In Copenhagen, we were told we were could walk, but they recommended we take a taxi with the kids and luggage.

    We found good prices for apartments on BEDANDBREAKFAST.NL for Amsterdam. The hotels were harder to come by for four. We are getting what seems to be a great deal at --Special offer: 199 euro for 3 nights! Can't comment on the accommodations as we haven't gone yet. There were other good choices on the B&B website. Today, we also got an email from Accor Hotels (we signed up for their rewards club) and they are having specials for the summer.

    It was much harder to find the same price accomodations in Copenhagen. We searched through and have found an apartment through

    It all looks good, so we have our fingers crossed. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the suggestions regarding transport between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I'll follow-up. The earier comment by Lennart was very useful too, for planning the rail trip between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The major lodging problem we encountered was in Copenhagen. Seems there's a very large international convention the week of June 8. We checked hotels, B&Bs, private rooms to let with families, and hostels. Finally located a hostel (Danhostel Copenhagen Downtown) with private room/bath that accomodates the three of us. It's well located, but priced only slightly less than a 3-star hotel. Only one night and we're pleased to have a confirmed room. We're staying in Amsterdam on both ends of the cruise as mileage air tickets require flying in and out of the same airport. I have different hotels booked on each end; the Singel Hotel going in and the Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel on the outbound. I will check the boekenzo as there's still time to cancel the hotels. I lined up private guide and car in St. Petersburg. Two full days of touring at about half the cost seeing the same sites using the HAL shore excursions.
    Enjoy your trip,
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    Mike, If you could share your experience with the private guide and car in St. Petersburg we would be very grateful. As I do not monitor this forum regularly if you could email details to [email protected]
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