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Baby milk in Tunisia

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Hi I'm travelling to Tunisia beginning of September my baby will be 14 months I've been told the cows milk isn't good for babies out there and don't fancy filling my case up with loads of formular milk what is best to do ? Thank you x


  • Hi Becky, unfortunately we have only long life milk but it conforms to eu health standards so at 14 months it should be fine. All the supermarkets have cans of baby formula so you dont need to bet it before you come.
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    I'm worried if I buy milk there she may get a upset tummy ? X
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    You can make up full cream milk from powdered milk such as NIDO made by Nestle and bottled water.
    NIDO is sold in the UK and is widely available throughout the African continent. This is used as "fresh" milk in many countries and is fine to give to babies and children. My family relied on NIDO as expats back in the 1970's and we never became ill.

    Maybe Lesley knows where you can purchase NIDO in Tunisia.

    Becky you could buy some NIDO in the UK ( it comes in a 400gm can) and try your little girl with it before you leave for Tunisia. 
  • Ok thank you may try that sounds a good idea just trying to think of the best options and I'm guessing I'm able to buy nappies and wipes in Tunisia aswell ?
  • Of course you can buy everything for baby in Tunisia, they do have babies too  LOL!!
  • Ok that's good
  • Becky, not sure about nido, we mostly have brands from france but be re assured that formula is available. Yes you can buy diapers, baby wipes etc etc at a fraction of the price you probably pay now. Alethia loool, yes we do have babies and they are healthy, plump and happy albeit much more spoilt thsn the west. We love children so dont worry everyone will be happy to help you
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    Just to be clear NIDO is not baby formula it is full cream powdered milk for use in tea, coffee, milky drinks, puddings when added to water it becomes reconstituted milk. I can't tell the difference between powdered milk and fresh milk especially when its ice cold.

    As many products come from France to Tunisia Regilait and France Lait are also powdered milk products made by the French company Regilait.

  • Becky, I go to the supermarket today and find brands etc for you
  • Ok that's lovely thank you very much
  • Hi Lesley did you manage to look and I'm going to sousse if that's any help
  • Becky, I cant find powdered milk here. I live in a big city and we have big supermarkets but no powdered milk. However there is powdered milk formula for babies. I spoke to a friend last night whose baby is 3 months old and she told me that she boils the long life and then cools it for her baby. I am thinking this is quite a good idea, all the milk sold in the supermarket is homogonised and sterilised, so should be ok. But Sousse is a big tourist city so you may be able to find normal powdered milk there. Hope I have helped!

    enjoy your vacation
  • Oh Becky, forgot to say that the milk is also pasteurised
  • Ok thank you for your help
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