Passport Question - do I have to leave after 90 days in Schengen countries



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    My mother and I are here in Italy as a tourist for 90 days, my Schengen Visa will expire on Nov. 22, 2012 and my mother's Schengen Visa will expires on the 9th of Feb. 2013. Suppose to be Nov.5, 2012 is our flight going back to our country. The reason why we are still here in Rome, my mother is indisposed to travel because she is sick. is it possible to ask more days to stay here. Our sponsor is Italian citizen, He will pay 15,000 Euro as penalty if we not leave the country. can i have a response immediately. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone :)
    I'm currently in the US Army and am getting discharged within the next month or so (honorably). My fiance will be stationed in Vicenza, Italy and I plan on moving over there to be with him. I will qualify to work on the army post as a US government civilian employee, but I'm worried that if i don't get a work Visa before i move over there that I will have to come back to the US after 90 days. Do you know if I can get a soggiorno (Italian residence Visa issued to military dependants and Army Civilians) after I'm already in Italy? If thats possible my life will have just become a billion times easier. If not, does anyone have any idea what I need to do in order to stay over there with him for the durration of his orders (approx 2 years). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you soo much! ... please feel free to contact me at
  • Hello i come in Spain for my holidays i have valid student visa in UK. But i am over stay in Spain now more then one month .m i allowed to go back in UK with out any problum?
  • If you have a student visa for the UK then you should be in the UK studying and not holidaying in Spain. If you have not been attending your place of study then the college /university are required by law to inform the UK Border Agency of your failure to attend. Your visa can then be revoked (officially cancelled)

    So the answer is yes you could have serious problems if you try to enter the UK as you are now in breach of UK immigration law.

  • Alright so my situation is a bit different. Any information would be appreciated.
    I've been in France since May, and will be leaving in August (just under 90 day stay), and heading back to the US.
    Now, I know I have to wait 90 days before reentering the Schengen area...but...does that include connection flights?
    I'm going back to Tunisia in September and will need to connect either in Italy, France, or Germany...which is the Schengen area...but that's UNDER my 90 days OUT.
    I don't want to be stopped at the airport, be slapped with a fine and never be able to enter a Europe again. I'd much rather just move my ticket...
    Thank you!
  • If you only transit in the airport  (do not go outside the airport) you do not require a Schengen visa nor does it count towards the 90 days you are allowed to stay under the Schengen rules. What nationality are you?
  • I have a question that is a bit different, maybe I can get some help here. I am currently in France under my 90 limit (expires 23 september), and I have a Long Stay Student Visa which will begin on September 1st, which requires that I have a stamp of entry on September 1st or later. my question is: How many days before September 1st am I required to leave in order to reenter the Schengen area? Could I potentially leave the morning of the 1st spend the afternoon in UK or Morocco then reenter France in the evening?

    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi iam from india visiting soon portugal by business visa is there will be any problem to work in portugal and over staying in Portugal? ??
    After the visa expired if I get married a European citizen the can I get a permanent residence or a marrage visa
  • Sreenadh you cannot overstay your visa to work in Portugal, that is illegal. Does your fiance live in Portugal?
  • Sreendh you will be breaking the law by overstaying and due to the problems with the economy you will have a hard time as a foreigner to find work. Portuguese employers can be fined a minimum of 2000 Euros for employing an illegal immigrant.

    If you marry a European citizen you would be granted a EEA five year family permit but you would face problems in obtaining that visa if you are illegal.
  • I'm an American citizen and will be in Italy for 6 weeks. I then will travel to Scotland for a couple weeks and then stay in Italy for 3 months. Do I need a visa for that since it's broken up?
  • You can stay in Italy without a visa for up to 90 days within each 180-day period, so no, your second visit of 90 days is too soon.

  • As an American you do not need a visa for Italy or Scotland. The only problem you may have is this. As a US citizen you can only spend 90 days in a six month (180 days) period in the European Schengen Zone of which Italy is a member.

    You are proposing to spend 132 days in a 180 day period. leaving the Schengen zone does not "stop the clock". The UK (Scotland) is not in the Schengen zone.

    I suggest you request an extension of stay in Italy a week or so before you hit the 90 day mark, this will prevent any problems when you leave the Schengen zone.
  • Beat you by 3 minutes, Alethia. ;-)

  • Great minds Terry :smile:
  • hi i have small question
    if its obligatory to have an return ticket? If yes, f it necessary that return ticket is to the country from witch I am coming or it can be any county out of Schengen area for example Turkey or UK? And if on airport when i come to the Schengen are -Berlin- i will show my return ticket before 90 day end to Turkey they can ask me to show visa to that country?

    thanks for help Domiii
  • Hi domiii,
    As I understand it an onward ticket is an acceptable replacement for a return ticket - that is, so long as you have a flight ticket demonstrating you will leave the Schengen zone you should be fine, provided you fulfill all the other requirements for getting your visa. But naturally you will need to have the visa etc for your next destination once you are at the airport! Or perhaps I have misunderstood your question? What is your nationality?
  • Hi elly the point is that my boyfriend from Paraguay will come to stay with me in Poland buy his flay is to Germany , so i wish to know if with leaving Schengen fly ticket for example to Turkey they wont make him problems to get in to Schengen . In Poland we want make a papers that h can stay i just wont to be shore he will get in to EU. :)
  • Once in the Schengen zone you can visit as many Schengen countries as you like, regardless of which country issued the visa. That's how the Schengen zone works. So you shouldn't have any problem moving between Poland and Germany. I don't really understand what you are trying to do with the flights. Why not just provide flight information for the actual flights you will be taking out of the Schengen zone?
  • the flay s because any person who is coming to Schengen zone need to improve that will be leaving Schengen after those 90 days. so he need a flay ticet from Schenge to somewhere out of Schengen.
  • Sorry domiii, your posts are not that easy to understand. Yes, you do have to prove you will be leaving the Schengen zone after 90 days, and to do this you will need proof of booked flights and a visa for your next destination.
  • If you require a visa for your next destination that is!
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