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how do i know if customs agent are not scheming?

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I met a friend on a social network in February this year and he told me everything about himself and 2 days after we met he asked if I wanted anything because he is used to buying his friends gifts when he is on land as he is some sort of a marine, I told him that I cannot accept gifts from him because he doesn't know me and he insisted. I didn't tell him what to buy, he sent a message on FB telling me that he had sent me some gifts. on the weekend he told me that my gift will be in SA by Monday and on Monday I was called by a lady in OR Tambo international airport notifying me about the parcel. but the following day she told me that the customs agent had my parcel and that they scanned the parcel and found 20 000 pounds that was stashed in my parcel. they demanded that I should pay R45 000 to release it and I told them that I do not have that amount of money, I asked if I should come to them to open the parcel together with them so that they can take their money but they refused. the guy who sent me the gifts is fighting with me because he wanted me to sort myself out with the money that he had sent. it's towards the end of July now and they still have it and I have already paid R10 000 to them of which they do not want understand my situation. please tell me what to do because I do not trust these people


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    DO NOT pay any more money. This is a scam. There are no gifts at the airport and your on line friend is a scammer and his profile is fabricated. Stop all contact with this man. Change your phone number and email address if you can. Should these people contact you again tell them firmly you are going to the police and hang up.

    If this was a true story and you could not pay the goods would either be returned to sender or confiscated. Also wave good bye to the R10,000 you gave to the scammers.
  • Alethia is absolutely right. This is a classic scam. 
  • thank you guys, as it is he is still contacting me and every time we talk about this he gets very angry and telling me that he trusted me with everything and he cannot come to visit unless I pick up the goods from the airport. I told him that if he cares enough like he says he does he should be coming to help me but it's clear i'm asking for the impossible
  • I think it would save you a lot of guilt and worry if you just changed your contact details and never spoke to this person again.
  • thank you Ella :)
  • Guys can I contact the customs agents authorities?
  • The easiest way to put your mind at rest about all this is probably to phone general enquiries at OR Tambo Airport and ask them who you should speak to. They aren't famous for their friendly service over there, but they should be able to answer your questions about whether the story is likely to be true. The general queries phone number for the airport is: +27 (0)11 921 6262.
  • You would probably have better luck contacting the customs office at OR Tambo directly, their number is 0800 00 7277.
  • Scam scam scam.
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