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Visas to Egypt?

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my daughter is travelling to egypt this summer someone said she needs a visa??? what is it and can i get it before she goes? she is going to sharm el shake i have read that if you are staying there you dont need one i am finding it confusing can anyone put me straight on what is the best thing to do or a sight i can find straight forward information??


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    There are many excursions & activities can be done in Sharm el Sheikh like Diving, Snorkelling, Desert Safari, Bedouin dinner,....
    I think it is better to contact a travel agent to provide u additional information or arrange a package trip.
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    hi;maybe your sister needs a visa maybe not according to the country che is from and lives in right all you need is to contact the nearest travelling agency to provide you with further information.for example for me and all other Moroccans we need a visa to get there to Egypt.but meanwhile there are lots of countries in the world that don not need a visa to get there only to have a passport.I wish I provided you with suffficient braek a leg.
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    I live in the USA does anyone know if i need a visa to travel to egypt.
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    It does'nt matter where you live, it depends on your nationality. Americans don´t need a visa, they can buy one for 15$ just before you go through Immigration at all mayor airport, including Cairo, Shram, Luxor, Aswan, and maybe Hurgada. Most European countries, Japan, South Korea and others don't need a visa either.

    Ask your local Egyptian embassy if you have doubts, they're not gonna charge you anything to straighting it out, unlike tour operators.
    Hope it helps.
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    it's easlier to get you visa before you go, tha airport is too busy it takes a time. Just get it before you go. get on line with visa Yes you all need visa I am a american but i need a visa everytime I go see my family. I am going this june for two months.
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    I go to Egypt every two years and i get a visa. it's less trouble to travel with around egypt. You can look up the egyptian embassy it tells you everything, also look up the world disease control org. it will tell you what shots you need and you can get you doctor to write a spirt and the drugstore will order it for you.
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    about Egypt visa,usa passport & most of european passport , they can obtain it from airport they pay 15$
    but better to send ur nationality inorder to give you accurate answer
    for any information about Egypt (prices ,tours,nile cruises..), you can send me mail [email protected]
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