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Have andybody been to Vietnam and enjoyed "Bun Cha" ?

edited August 2014 in - Vietnam
Bun Cha - Vermicelli and grilled chopped meat, noodle and grilled meat

There is a very delicious, popular Hanoi people dish that everyone likes to eat, that is noodle and grilled meat. 
Grilled meat is made from a little thinly sliced fat and lean pork (grilled chopped meat) or well-chopped should lean meat (grilled well- chopped meat) grilled a little well-done over charcoal. The sauce is made from very high quality fish sauce, vinegar, pepper, adding a little boiled water, a little sugar, and several slices of chili whose seeds are left out, a little belostomatid essence... that bowl of sauce is virtually the soul of noodle and grilled meat. 

Eating together with noodle having a dish of fresh vegetables, inducing young fresh lettuce together with Vietnamese herbs, Chinese herbs, Lang basil, three-leaf coriander, marjoram, perila... Hanoi noodle and grilled meat is delicious partly because of the way to process the bowl of sauce, in addition because there is a enough variety of such fresh vegetables. Besides, it is possible to have carrot pickles, vinegar soaked kohlrabi to make the pieces of grilled meat tasty without being feverish. Several decades ago, noodle and grilled meat is often sold by street vendors as afternoon snack. The saleswoman wore long blouse, being bare-footed, rolling around their head with velvet scarf, pengularia peach blossom belt. Nowadays, Hang Manh noodle and grilled meat is visited most frequently by Hanoi people customers. 

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