Do Cruise Passengers Need Tourist/Transit Visas?



  • As a Sri Lankan, you will need to apply for a visa before travelling to the US. You can do so at the US embassy in Colombo.
  • hi, I am travelling with MSC on 21st April 2014 from Argentina to Europe. I have got a Shengen visa, but it is only valid starting from 9th April and I will arrive to the first Shengen country (Spain) on the 3rd April. Will I be able to just stay on the ship, without disembarking? The cruise finishes on the 10th April, so by then I will be able to disembark already. Thank you for your answer in advance! Katrina
  • You should be able to go on the cruise as long as you stay on the ship until your visa is in effect.
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    Dear Davidc
    This is Deepak From Nepal .

    I am planning to visit Mexico, so i searched from Embassy website and there is found

    1.Mexico tourist visa is required for citizens of Nepal.

    2.Mexico business visa is required for citizens of Nepal.

    3.Mexico cruise visa is not required for citizens of Nepal for a stay up to 3 days.

    now i am confusing about cruise Visa , actually what is Cruise visa , what documents needs for Cruise visa and Trust visa to travel Mexico. In Nepal , i did not fount any Mexican consular. can we apply from India? please send information in simple language .

  • Hi Davidc,

    I am going on a cruise to Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. I will stay at each port for less than 24 hrs.

    My status: I am currently applying for the green card in USA. My interview is still pending, and my current non-immigration status is expired. However, I have obtained the advanced parole (travel permit I-131) and also a work permit, so I can re-enter the U.S. and legally work here till April next year. Do I need to obtain tourist visas for the three countries I am going to? Or do I just need to pay for a transit visa when I arrive? 

    Thanks, Kasey
  • @KaseyL what country is your passport from? A US visa might help you in Mexico, but has no relevance in Belize or Honduras.
  • Hi, David,
    I am a Thai national . I shall go to Europe on MSC cruise starting from Netherlands. The ship stops in Southampton for one day. Do I need a uk visa? I have already had schengen visa.
  • Hi Wiwat,

    Schengen visas are not valid for the UK, so if you want to get off the boat in Southampton you'll need a UK visa.
  • wwarin , if you want to leave the ship in Southampton you will need to apply for a UK Visitor in Transit Visa
  • Hi I am planning for a Caribbean or Puerto Rico 7 day cruise from Miami. I am a Indian national holding valid H1 (foreign worker) visa until 2017. I do not have multiple entry stamped on my passport. Can I take the cruise with my valid passport and H1 visa documents? Will I have any issue when I re-enter Miami, US?
  • Hello!
    My mom is coming from Brazil to visit me. We are planning go to Mexico (cruise for 2 days). She has tourist visa to USA with 10 years validation. She will need any visa to visit Mexico from USA (cruise)? Tks. Simone
  • Brazilian passport holders don't need a visa for Mexico as long as they're staying less than 180 days, so your mother should be fine.
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     i have an Indian passport.  i am traveling on cruise for UK that will stop
    in turkey for 1 day , I wanted
    to know whether i will be allowed to have
    sightseeing the country as long as we
    are docking ? i came to know most countries of the world don't allow it and visa is required for any shortest span. True ?

  • Hi,

    realise this chat forum is about 2 years old, but I hoping someone could help

    am an Indian citizen based in Dubai, UAE and have UAE residence visa, 10 year United States
    multiple visa and 3 year multiple Schengen visa. I am looking to travel to the US
    soon and keen in taking a cruise that most definably will be a closed loop one,
    either from Miami, New York or Ford Lauderdale, FL.

    question is, what visas do I need in advance for the following:

    1: Aruba, Curacao, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, American Virgin Island

    Option 2: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Ocho
    rios Jamaica, Cozumel, Mexico, Road Town, Tortola & Bridgetown Barbados   

    Thank you in advance and early waiting for a

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    Hi Jetsetter 

    It is your citizenship that is important not where you reside. A Schengen visa is only valid for the EU Schengen Zone, none of the countries you are visiting are in Europe.

    Option. 1

    You will require a visa for Aruba and Curacao These are administered by the Netherlands and you will require a Caribbean visa.

    As the American Virgin Islands and St Thomas are part of the United States so you can use your United States multiple entry visa.
    St Lucia and  St Kitts grant visas on arrival to Indian citizens.

    Option. 2

    San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States and is therefore part of the USA so you can use your ten year US visa to enter.
    Philipsburg is the capital of St Maarten and is administered by the Netherlands  so you will require a Caribbean visa
    Ocho Rios is a resort in Jamaica , visa on arrival

    Tortola is in the British Virgin Islands visa on arrival
    Barbados visa is required 

    Hope that helps enjoy your cruise

  • Hi Alethia,

    This has been very helpful, thank you so much for your prompt response.


  • Hi, I am a Colombian citizen and a US resident. I will be traveling in a cruise to Italy, Spain and France. I need to apply for the Schengen Visa. Are there any chances that this visa gets denied? 
  • Of course the visa can be denied but its unlikely for a person travelling on a cruise.
  • Thanks for your response. I am trying to weight the possibilities of denial since I need to pay for the cruise and the plane tickets in advance
  • We are travelling on Australian passports with the following itinerary
    Flying to Japan pre cruise - cruise to Vancouver with 8 days post cruise before flying home. We have 2 stops in Japan, 2 in Russia and 4 in Alaska. I know we have no Visa requirement for Japan and if we do the ship tours we are fine for Russia but Alaska & Canada are confusing me. Do we need to do the ETSA application for the USA and what do we need for Canada. Your clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello, I'm travelling with an Egyptian passport holder on a cruise out of Barcelona, calling at ports in France, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. We know he has to get a Schengen Visa, but does it have to be a multiple entry visa? As far as I can tell from my research, all countries are part of the Schengen Area so just single entry is all that's needed.

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