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I have a multiple-entry Schengen visa issued by the German consulate (valid till June 5th). I have already used the visa to visit Germany once but the visa is still valid since it is multiple entry.

I am traveling to Spain (via Paris) on May 25th before my visa expires.

Can I use my Schengen visa even though it is issued by Germany (and not Spain).


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    Yes off course you can use this visa for your next journey to Spain via France.

    Since these are the Schengen countries and you have valid multiple entry Schengen visa you can visit any Schengen country till its validity (June 5th).

    www (dot) francevisa (dot) co (dot) uk
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    i'm a crew member on a UK ship wanting to stay onboard as passenger straight after i disembark the ship. the itinerary will be mediterrenean, my question is if its possible that i get a schengen visa while onboard? or if it is, how and where?
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    I got a single entry schengen visa via the French embassy. However, due to change in schedules, my travel is now to Spain and not to France. Can I still use my Schengen visa to go to Spain? Or do I need to reappear in the Spanish embassy?
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    I believe u will need to visit france 1st before you go to spain thats part of the visa requirements.
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    Kindly can anyone answer my query:

    1- I want to visit France and Belgium for our honeymoon and
    visit to relatives both.

    France Stay: 15 days 
    - visit to my aunt

    Belgium stay: 2 days- visit to my uncle

    Point of Entry: France

    Point of Exit: Belgium

    Question 1: I know I should apply at French embassy as
    duration in france is more. but as my exit is from belgium, so will this affect
    my visa application with France in any negative manner?

    Question 2: What should be the purpose of my visit in my
    Visa Application: Honeymoon and Visit both? or only honeymoon? (the stay shall
    be in Aunt's and uncle's houses).

    Question 3: Invitation letter from Aunt in France is enough?
    or uncle in belgium should also send the invitation letter?

    Question 4: To prove my stay in France and Belgium with my
    relatives, what documents do i need?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Answers to questions.

    1.A Schengen visa issued in France allows for travel to other countries in the Schengen area, so there should be no problem

    2.Your purpose should be a family visit

    3, You need invitation letters from your family in both countries

    4. You need your flight/ travel details and evidence of your relatives legal status in the countries where they live.
  • Dear Alethia,

    That is so kind of you. Thanks a lot!
    Please also let me know if I have to give proof of travel between france and belgium too. I want to purchase air or train ticket from france, and now now. Will the French embassy be expecting me to submit transport proof too between France and Belgium? 
    I already have return flight purchased ticket from my country to France, and then return from Belgium to my country. Thanks
  • You must provide all evidence of travel and accommodation in the Schengen area  when you apply for the visa.
  • Ok thanks. What Im planning is that I show my purchased ticket (return flight), but internal tickets shall be bought later. But Ill show my invitation letters from both countries, France and Belgium. Do u see any issues in this case out of your experience?
  • So far so good but here is a copy of a Schengen visa application form this should assist you and give you more of an idea as to what you need..

  • My father has a Finnish passport and we are trying to get my mother a visa for Portugal. According to the EU Directive she is entitled to a visa with proof of a marriage certificate and my fathers passport but the Embassy in Cape Town is refusing to help her. They are asking for proof of income and address, health insurance and return flight tickets. Would she be issued a visa if she arrives in Portugal without one and provides a marriage certificate and my fathers Finnish passport? We have to leave the country in 2 weeks so we are desperate at this moment. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 
  • The embassy are not refusing to help her they have requested the standard documents for a Schengen visa. All EU countries ask for travel arrangements, health insurance and proof of income as your mother is non EU and needs sufficient funds to maintain herself.
    Normally if you comply with the rules the visa will be issued quickly. You are holding things up by not complying with requirements
  • Hello
     used an invitation from a relative in Sweden applied for a schengen visa to travel to Sweden which luckily i got but am planning to go to Switzerland first spend a few days then proceed to Sweden. Now the question, is it a must that i should first travel to Sweden then to other schengen countries in this case Switzerland?
  • Technically you should stick with your itinerary but there should be no problem where you enter.
  • Now if i get to Switzerland what are some of the documents i will ask to provide at the airport? Will i be ask to provide documentation from the person am going to live with like; ID, Passport or Residence permit?
  • Hi Kenbou,
    For starters, make sure you have your full itinerary, onward flight tickets, proof of sufficient funds for your stay, an invitation letter from your relative and booking confirmations for any other accommodation or activities you may have booked. You must carry with you all the documents you used during your visa application as border control are entitled to request to see any or all of them (they may well not bother but better safe than sorry!). If the relative you are staying with is not a citizen of Sweden then yes, it is a good idea to include a copy of their residence permit or whatever official document establishes their right to live there. Enjoy your trip!
  • Ella thank you so much but i got the schengen visa to travel to Sweden but i want to go to Switzerland spend some time with my step mother then later proceed to Sweden, will i be asked to prove where am going to stay or documents from my stepmother? Does she need to write a letter like an invitation or something?
  • Hi again,
    You really shouldn't have a problem - it doesn't matter which Schengen country awarded your visa, you are entitled to travel freely between them. Take along all the documents you needed to get your visa from Sweden, and maybe just to be extra cautious get a letter of invitation from your step mother detailing that you will be staying with her while in Switzerland and her address and contact details etc. All the other documents should be the same whichever country you are going to. The onward flight ticket is the thing they are most likely to ask for. 
  • Noted and thank you so much
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    Very interesting post. really informative. of all the blogs I have read on the same topic, this one is actually enlightening. thanks
  • Hello , I have a single entry visa that awarded to me  by the Embassy of Switzerland , however I need to do a trip to France. Can I use this Same Schengen Visa ?
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    Yes you can travel to France,that is the concept of the Schengen visa that you have one visa that allows you to visit any country in the Schengen area.
  • Please advise me, if i can travel first time to Paris with my multiple entry business visa of Schengen ( approved through German consulate)  without traveling to Germany.
  • Yes it is OK to go to Paris without going to Germany.
  • Thank you Alethia. Will it be any problem at immigration?
  • There should be no problem and Ella has also clearly answered your question on the same subject.
  • yes dear. Thank you so much . will update you the details once I came back from Paris.
  • I have changen visa for single entry from france consulat and I am right not at France I will like to go visit by flight for 2 night to sweeden and from sex I will like to go to holland that is possible or not?

  • Please can anybody anwer me!!!!
    I have win raffle draw from credit-card to-go spain for 5 days,bank represtative call me to arrange schengen-visa to travel to spain. i'm in KSA working in french company, for me easy to get schengen visa from france embassy. but I've my travel ticket to spain,barcelona. can I go direct to barcelona then later France.

  • You should be fine, but you'll want to have documentation to prove that you're going to France after Spain.
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