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Visa requirements for European countries



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    Hi i am an Indian Student and i am applying to Milan for my further studies, however i would like to visit the other european countries in my one year stay and also work there aftr my course
    Can you please suggest what visa do i apply .
    i appreciate your assistance for the same.
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    Hi All,
    I am an Indian working in IT as a software developer with 6 years of work experience and good education background, keen to get Frech certification.
    Looking ahead to work in european county for max 5 years. Can you help me if anyone can apply for work visa by his own instead of any employer sponder? if yes, which category of work visa, some web links can be usefull.

  • Hi, schengen visa requirements are slightly different from a country to another. Usually, those countries subcontract with VFS visa services. You can have specific information about france visa and other countries on

    Read the summaries you'll have the global picture and the most used links
  • Hi, 
    I'm an Afghan and i have a USA Resident permit I'm planing to visit Germany at end of September 2014, Does anyone know if i need a visa I'm gonna be traveling with afghan passport and green card, 
    best regards, 
  • Your US green card isn't applicable, you'll need to apply for a visa at the nearest German embassy. You'd better hurry!
  • Thanks Anya k, 
    you save my Day 
    Thank you,
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    But here what i found on German embassy Washington DC web site 

    1) Persons who do not require a visa to enter Germany (holders of passports from the countries marked “no” on the list) may not remain on German territory for more than 90 days in any six month period. Nor may they take up gainful employment whilst here.
    2) Nationals of these states are not subject to the restrictions specified in footnote 1.
    3) Residence permits (also for stays of more than 3 months) may be applied for after entering Germany without a visa.
    4) Footnote 3 also applies provided gainful employment is not taken up.
    5) The visa waiver applies only to holders of biometric passports.
    6) The visa waiver applies to holders of SAR passports (Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region passports).
    7) The visa waiver also applies to British Nationals (Overseas).
    8) The visa waiver applies only to holders of biometric passports (excluding holders of Serbian passports issued by the Serbian Coordination Directorate (in Serbian: Koordinaciona uprava)
    9) The exemption from the visa requirement applies only to holders of passports issued by Taiwan which include an identity card number.

  • Sagharkhan, 
    AnyaK has given you correct information. A US green card is not applicable in fact it has no relevance in Europe whatsoever. The sentence you highlighted means that people can apply for a residence permit in Europe.
    If you arrive in a European port of entry without a visa and holding an Afghan passport you will be refused entry, detained and then removed back to the USA.
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    Hi Could anyone assist me , I am from Australia and I would like to tour most Countries of Europe which have beautiful tourist spot ! What are the requirement of schengen visa !

  • Australians do not need a Schengen visa you can enter Europe for ninety days without a visa. Happy travels.
  • Hi everyone my appkication for schengen visa to Spain was refused yesterday and my leave was already planned. In dubai my friends advsised me to take europe package tour instead of going to europe alone. Since i got refusal letter from the Embassy of Spain, could i apply for europe tour package? Thanks you
  • You can apply for a Schengen visa in another European country. You may have a better chance with evidence that you've booked a package tour. Did you get any feedback as to why your visa was denied?
  • Hi I leave in Netherlands and I have schengen visa and I have Ghana passport is possible to visit UK for 2days without visa? Please help me thanks
  • Hi doggy,

    A Schengen visa is not valid for the UK, so you'll need to apply for a UK visa at the embassy in Amsterdam.
  • Hi I'm Raya,I'm from India I wanna move to Finland I wanna find job there what I do
  • Hi Raya,
    It is generally very difficult to get working visas for Scandinavian countries - it helps a great deal to have a concrete job offer from a company in Finland. And this would only be possible if you do a highly skilled job and your labour is worth importing for them...
  • Hi Ella,
    I'm electrical engineer. What I do first I get travel visa and then after applying in company, company will change my visa in working visa ?
  • Its highly unlikely that you will be granted a Swedish work permit. To travel as a visitor you need to apply for a Schengen visa at the Swedish Embassy in your home country
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