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    i have a good hotel in the downtown cairo egypt my hotel name each way hostel all rooms with city view for single room 14$
    and for double room 18$
    the address 44 talaat harb street downtown cairo egypt front of el amrecain cafe eamil
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    Reply for Guest April 15th
    I met an Egyptian man in February in Sharm and I have been back to see him, he is a lot younger than I am, but we look very good together - and the age difference does not matter to him. I think the age difference would be more likely to be commented upon in England than in Egypt. He wants nothing from me but to be with me - and I trust him. I love the people, they are very friendly, although the culture is sometimes a little hard to understand - but be warned - it is very frustrating trying to conduct a relationship between England and Egypt - the whole process is not for the faint hearted, just trying to carry on a conversation with bad and expensive telephone lines is a pain - especially if your guy does not speak good English. I am learning arabic and trying to understand his religion and he is getting better at English. So what I am trying to say is be a little wary, use common sense, but after all love is the same anywhere in the world, and I love my egyptian guy to bits !!
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    Well ladies - I have travelled in and around Cairo for work ten times in the last years. I am 68, white with brown hair, bright eyes, not overweight. I would find it very, very risky not to say stupid to start any "staying with" an Egyptian man in Egypt. And kisses in the corridors of a hotel would be ridiculous in a moslem country! This is something which would never, ever happen with a decent egyptian woman. Remember that it is a completely different culture where virginity, no sex before marriage, no going out with the other sex etc are items which are respected. Basically kissing and sex outside marriage can only be had with foreign women, who will not be taken seriously anyway. Don't be surprised if you get an infection of some kind or if you will be asked for money to help his family .
    Of course you should dress conservatively, no matter your age and no matter where you go. Don't walk around alone, they know exactly how easily we are attracted to their socalled passion and different, exotic way of life. Long skirts, cover your arms, no see-through tops etc and keep your money in a money belt.
    The Egytians are very friendly peaople, but don't ruin things for yourself by behaving as if you don't realise that you are in the moslem world. A French female tourist was just killed (in April) when fanatics threw a bomb at tourists in one of the big Mosques where I have walked so often.........
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    hi, can anyone give me some advice, i met an egyptian lawyer in egypt on the internet last year we have talked used cam to cam home phone texting i want to visit him very much he says he loves me and i love him its been a year now for us and we want to meet face to face very very soon now could someone give me some advice please we want to be together and get married.
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    Go to his town and make sure that you will be allowed to enter his home. See if he's married! Don't accept that you stay in a hotel and he'll come and visit you. In that way he can have at least one moslem wife and five children and you are sitting a hotel sobbing.
    And see if he's really a lawyer. It's big fun in moslem countries for men to keep western women interested by promising marriage etc. They are laughing their heads off when they describe to one another how naive these women are. But have a go and keep this forum informed.. Good luck.
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    thanks for your input, but this man has also asked that he will come to me also if i would perfere . I have mentioned to stay at a hotel there but he says he will have a place for me and him only to live and that he will marry me at the airport as soon as i arrive. he has mentioned to me about staying in his home . I have his street address and he has given me his passport # and has aked me so many times for me to have him checked out and he is not married and never been he is 27 years old.but he has give me all his private information. I have met his mom, brother, sister and their kids on cam on internet and have talked to his family. Ive heard a lot about egypt men but i hope he is realy true if not oh well i will get over it. what does anyone think.
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    i also want to visit egypt anyway even if this man is married so realy i still would love to visit this country and see some interesting sights. I will always wonder what if ya know if i dont go and visit and meet him. and see egypt ive always wanted to visit egypt for many years before i started talking to him since last year. so i guess i will find out pretty soon.
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    Hi! I too have fallen in love with an egyptian man, over the internet. I am hoping to go and see him very soon. he is in cairo, in school which is ending in 2 weeks he is hoping to come over here to be with me because we want to get married. egyptian men will make you fall in love with them because of the way they treat women. he says he loves me more then anything. and i believe him and trust him very much. he is teaching me arabic and his culture, and i am teaching him about mine. i couldnt imagine being without him in my life. if anybody is in love with an egyptian man please email me at laarmybrat82@yahoo.com. Thanks
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    when thinking of marrying an Egyptian, Muslim man you have to be aware that you will have to convert to Islam as well.

    now I don't know if these cyber love stories are true, but you have to be very careful not to get tricked into marrige just for someone to have a new passport so he can travel and leave Egypt.
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    Hi egypt love, i know how you feel i am very cautious about internet relationships my guy i love him so much. I will be going sometime soon to meet him in person. But is your guy so jealous and possessive of you coz mine sure is.

    Mine is also teaching me arabic and i teach him some english but mine is not in school. I want to visit egypt to and the sights for my vacation since i graduated from college last week, MY guy also lives in cairo i think we should chat sometime, my yahoo is snowangel0702@yahoo.com maybe they might know eachother. feel free to im me on messenger or in this forum. If you dont mind i will add you to my messenger list ok.
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    men are liars!
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    Hi shady, I value your input i know some about muslims and their ways. Mine does want to marry me but doesn't realy matter to him where we live. He loves egypt and i love the united states which if marriage was to take place then it i feel sooner or later would become an conflict between us , then maybe not i dont know. I know he does not seem to be using me to get in the states ive known him for a year now .

    And if he wanted to get in the states he could of many many times by other women or friends and i firmley believe he is a lawyer in cairo, he can have many things done.
    I just dont like the idea of getting married as soon as i get there at the airport where he will be waiting for me becoz of his beliefs he insists he will not have any relationship with me unless we are married I dont know i guess i will find out soon.
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    I love my Egyptian man with all my heart and could spend the rest of my life by his side always and be proud anywhere i go with him and we want kids together also. We love eachother nothing anyone else could say to me would not stop my heart from loving him and nothing could stop him from loving me. That would be something for me and him to decide its our life.
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    don't get married in the airport :)

    however what you said is true about nothing happening unless you gus are married, and to get married you will have to covert to Islam, so if this what you are ready to do, then go ahead, if you think it's a dead end, the right thing to do is end it b4 it really starts.
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    Egyptian man , why do you say men are liars when you are a man or are you a gentelmen and dont want to see maybe women hurt. Im a very good woman ,i work hard take care of my home put myself through college and have an associates degree in law enforcement and im single im also not a young girl ive been married before. Ad very badly abused by my american husband and almost died many times by his hand. Im now divorced from him looking to have a life with a man that will treat me like a woman instead of a punchin bag.

    I dont suppose i should have posted this kind of personal info on here but i did.
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    I have a friend who initially met her current husband online. He is Egyptian, we are American. She flew to see him several times before they were married. They never had any "relations" before marriage as was with his Muslim religion. However, she still has never converted to Muslim and has no intentions of doing so. They have been living here in the US for 3 years now. She is a typical outspoken American woman. He doesn't control her, or act jealous. If anything, he treats her like a princess. She says "she is living the fairy tale". I have been talking to a friend of theirs who still lives in Egypt and he has treated me with nothing but respect and adoration. We have discussed the possibility of marriage in the future, but have agreed that I will always be a Christian, and will not always do as I am told, and will never cover my head or face. He does not have a problem with that. I think each person is an individual. I have friends here from Muslim countries. Some are jealous, protective, and controlling, and some are quite the opposite. You have to go with your instinct, but don't let sweet talk override your common sense. And absolutely, under no circumstances should you get married in the airport. Something is strange there. And I most certainly would not sign anything written in Arabic. Atleast not without having an American attorney translate and interpret it first. If your guy loves you, he will understand, and there will be no rush to do anything such as get married, or sign something immediately upon your arrival. It took my friend 1 1/2 years just to process the paperwork to get her husband her from Egypt. Something is wrong with the airport guy.
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    I think Sage77 here just put a guide line :) and I agree with every part, I am an Egyptian guy and what I hate is when a few uneducated selfish few just ruin it for all, and then Egyptians get a bad reputation.

    Egypt's constitution is mostly reflected upon with Islam, therefore there is no way a Christian lady could marry a Muslim guy (and vice versa) with out the christian party converting, unless they leave the country and get the paper work done else where.

    so I really hope those guys are true, and really i would like everthing to go well, Egyptians are very very kind people, loving and for Egyptians, family is one of the most important things.

    just keep us posted :) and like sage said, no signing NADA!! :) and an American attorny is a brilliant idea ;)

    good luck girls, wish you all the best.
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    Here are two great websites I just found regarding marriage & womens rights in Egypt.

    I hope this helps!
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    Shady...if you truly were Egyptian, then you would no that what you are saying is VERY incorrect...a muslim man can marry a non muslim woman without her having to convert...forum members, the proof is out there, just google it! I know this for a fact, as does every single person who has lived on this side of the world for a while or a person who has some knowledge of Islam would know (not to mention that I know muslim men personally are married to non muslim women who have not converted). So please do not mislead or speak of issues that you are unsure of.
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    THANK YOU MBT< you are correct... no converting.. thanks for shinning the light on this subject.. people should know their facts before posting becoz MBT is correct you do not have to convert...THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
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    guest and mbt, if you don't live in egypt then you don't know, marrige happenes in egypt either by a muslim elder or a priest marrige to different religions does not happen, I am Egyptian, and Shady you are right.
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    Okay folks, just to put an end to the bickering (I feel like I'm on a yahoo forum) - I don't know about the laws of marrying in Egypt, BUT, for example, in the USA, you can bring your man to the US on a fiance' visa (which is the best route to go according to an attorney I have spoken to), then you have 90 days to get married once he is here. My friend did this with her husband. All of the proceedings took about 1 year from initial application until he was here. Granted, this was WITH the assistance of an American attorney who specializes in immigration law. After her husband was here, it took about 4 months for the remaining paperwork to be processed so he could work here. She is Christian, he is Muslim. She has not, and will not, ever convert from Christianity. Therefore, while it MAY be a law in Egypt that you can not have inter-faith marriages, there is no reason why you can not go back to your home country and get married.
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    I am an English woman and i am travelling to Sharm El Shiekh in July. For the dress code would shorts and a sleevless top and flip flops be ok to where?
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    Wozza - From what I understand of my friends from Egypt, Sharm El Shiekh is the tourist area of Egypt. Therefore, I would think it more acceptable there, than anywhere else. However, if you are travelling alone, or not with a man I would be wary of showing off too much. Keep in mind that the majority of the women there still cover themselves from wrist to ankle. When my friend went to Egypt recently, she wore jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt. She did not have any problems but was always accompanied by 2 Egyptian men. I would look at it this way, wearing shorts and sleeveless tops in Egypt similar to walking around a city in the US with a bikini top on and a mini skirt. If the men are not used to seeing this sort of thing, they WILL eye you up, and the women will be less likable towards you. You may end up with unwanted attention. Also, on the beach, I would suggest wearing a cover up while walking around. That's just my humble opinion. I think we should be respectful of other people's cultures when travelling to their countries.
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    I am a Canadian woman , married to an Egyptian Man now for almost 3 years...A Muslim man can marry a non Muslim woman BUT a Muslim woman can not marry a non Muslim man..The non Muslim man must convert to Muslim before he can marry a Muslim woman..
    I met my husband online 6 years ago and I went to Egypt and married my Husband almost 3 years ago...If you honor their culture you would not walk around in a bikini or a mini skirt and you will have to cover to enter mosques
    There are some guys that will still give you the look and the whistles even if you are holding your Egyptian Husbands arm so yes there are men that will give you a hard time but there are also a lot of gentlemen there too..
    I will be coming to Egypt June 11th to be with my husband again ..I was wondering can I get my entry visa at the Cairo airport ? I will not have time to send it away here in Canada and have it back in time to travel...I heard that I can get my Passport stamped at the arrival in the Cairo airport..
    Thank You ,
    Married to an Egyptian
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    I am an egyptian born and raised in the United States, but i go back to egypt every year for my family.. I can really tell you what its like there from both perspectives. Girls dont worry out there.. youll be fine.
    some tips-
    -give firm answers to guys on the streets, dont even look at anyone making comments
    -dress normally, as in a t-shirt and jeans. I would stay away from like tank tops and shorts but its not terribly bad if you want to.
    -be careful who you trust, and ask why this person would be helping you, is it for money? something else? A lot people will like hand you pictures or wipe your car- thats for money, tell them no if your not interested (remember firm answers!)
    -traveling with people is always better in terms of safety (and fun!) Try to find other foreigners there if your going alone. Dont e afraid of the egyptians, they are truly kind people and will always offer a hand. just e careful of whose offering a hand and who wants something in return.
    - I am christian, ut my favorite time in Egypt is during Ramadan. It whole different experience, and I recommend it over the regular season. (plus there is less traffic during the day allowing you to visit more destinations during your time).
    - There are a lot of places to visit- the pyramids, alexandria, sharm el sheikh, luxar/aswan, cairo.... ut i have found that Ive had the est times in more of the &quot;poor&quot; places, people are kinder, you get a more feel of the egyptian life- try places like old cairo- many historic sites (following the footsteps of Christ- trulyyyy amazing), marsa matrouh, wadi el natroun monasteries, khan el khalily...
    -You must have &quot;fool wi ta'maya&quot; &quot;konafa&quot; and &quot;aseer asab&quot;! (foods-dessert and sugar cane juice) Your egypt trip will not e the same without these ;)
    - take every opportunity you get to go out there and have a good time... dont let anything stop you, Egypt is really beautiful and worth every little bump in the road :) Have fun.. and say hi to egypt for me.. i really miss it there...

    (if you have any questions id love to help... post em here ill check later)
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    I am a UK national currently in Egypt, and have been in and out three times this year. Assuming the rules for Canadians are the same as those for UK/US, which I'm 99% sure they are, you can purchase a 30 day visa on arrival at Cairo airport for $15.00 (USD) any time of the day or night.
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    Hello everyone........ I was in Egypt in March of 2009 and this was my first trip out of the country..... I am female and was scared to death......and you cant believe all.... because there is good and bad in every country.....I spent 15 days there and I was met at the airport by my online friend whom I had talked to for a very long time. He went out of his way to make sure I was safe and that I had a good time while there. We traveled all over Cairo, and then to Alexandria, Colony Swiss, Hurghada and several other places.....I never once felt threatened.. I was not in a resort nor did I go on any tours....I seen parts of the country and cities that most tourist would not see. and never once did I feel threatened. far from that.. I felt so sorry for my friend because everywhere we went to ..he was stopped and ask for his ID... that it got to a point that we was spending so much time standing waiting for them to look at his papers .. it was really annoying. But he said it was for my safety..... because of me being an American...... Egypt does not want anything to happen to any Americans. On the day before my departure... my friends sister died... he still tried to see after me and also do his duty to family. He told me I arrived in Safety so I would leave in safety..... so he was with me when I left the airport. I cannot say enough about the citizens of Egypt.... everyone was gracious. and respectful.. I never had a bit of trouble..... and I am going back here within the next month and am going to visit my friend again and see the sights that I didnt get to see the first time.......it was a wonderful experience for my first trip out of the USA...and I would go there in a heartbeat and not be afraid..
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